Thursday, 29 December 2016

Another Year Over....

Still trying to photograph the fantasy figures - only 2 successful pics:

4 of the horses for Cimmerian mounted - 2 of each (one to come)

1 x cavalry figure plus 1 x foot figure (could be transferred to the infantry)

I think that I will have to temporarily fix the cavalrymen to suitable disks with blu-tak in order to get some decent contrast.

The bigger problem is the Orcs - the ghastly plastic colour:

I guess that I will have to undercoat in light grey or white so that the detail can be seen!  
Any experienced digital photographers out there who can offer advice?

Anyway even though I don't celebrate xmas I can still wish all my readers/viewers:


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Approach to Xmas

[It's Thursday 01.58 hrs GMT]

Saturday 17th December - WDW

Russian Civil War ("Setting the East Ablaze")
English Civil War ("Baroque Impetus")

Needless to say I was not there but here's a piccy for you:

Bob's RCW terrain, buildings and fgures.

Monday 19th December - WDW

Austro-Hungarians v Russians 1914/15 ("Square Bashing")
DBM - Lysimachid v Pre-Islamic Arab - I commanded the right flank with all the pikes (24) whilst Al faced off against 20 Cm(O).  Inevitably the camels got the better of the fight.  Chris and I lost only 2 elements each.

I managed to survive 3 hours of play but fell asleep as soon as I got home.

Well no WDW until the new year.

Have read through about half of the "Triumph" rules so hopefully some thoughts next week.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Another Lost Week

 Monday 12th December 2016 - WDW

Not only was I absent without leave but so was Chris.  Al had called me in the day to borrow my Early Carthaginian chariots so I do at least know one DBM army that was in play.

Postscript (thanks to Churmy):
DBM was Early Carthaginians v Andy's usual combination of Wb(F) & Camels.
Medieval FUBAR
DBA (presumably v 3.0)

Thursday 15th December 2016

Well I have been out for the first time in 10 days - and that only to the doctors.  More pills, pain killers and linctus - a walking pharmacy!

Decided to download "Triumph" from Wargames Vault.  A very quick perusal suggests that it is a variant of DBA with bits added from the Forum and HotT.  Need to give it a thorough read through before I can say anything definite.

That's All Folks!  [to quote a certain bunny].

Friday, 9 December 2016

I'm Barking!

I'm Barking....but not as badly as I was!

Saturday 3rd December 2016 - Recon

Links for photos:

Not a busy show.  Numbers were down.  Caliver Books were absent this year and no 15mm manufacturers that I saw.  The whole thing is tired and needs a thorough re-vamp.

I did buy something on the Bring & Buy (which was 40k predominantly) and that was one small book

I traveled to and from the venue by train.  I don't use public transport much so my immune system is not often 'primed'.  Last year I had a raging sore throat for 3 weeks.  This year's passenger was to manifest the following day.

Sunday 4th December 2016 - sunshine (briefly)

I managed to photograph some of my new, fantasy figures whilst 'barking' (loud coughing).

Dark Alliance (72027) Cimmerians (set 1)

Average height (Bottom of foot to eye-line) = 22 to 23 mm
Plastic - 'chewey', hard to cut from the sprue or sand down
Number: 44 (all foot) - the box says 40 figures

4 of each type shown in the pics below:

There are some figures here that could be mixed into other 'conventional' armies - Dark Ages or Vikings maybe!

,Monday 5th December 2016 - WDW

Commands & Colours Ancients (boardgame) - Bruttium (Spartican battle)
Liberty (boardgame) - AWI
Fubar Medieval - Saracens, Vikings v Normans

DBM - Makkan v New Kingdom Egyptian - a nail-biting game that could have gone either way.  My command was loosing Bd to Wb(F) at an appalling rate.  I was, however, taking chunks out of his massed hordes.  My command was within one element of destruction when.....the enemy flank march turned up.  Four of my Bw had to flee away from the table edge.  This is where the dice gods stepped in - two Bw found themselves within range of an enemy general Cv(I).  A 6:2 followed with the enemy having no chance to avoid demoralisation and the flank force looking confused.  You couldn't write the script......

Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th December 2016

Pretty much a blur - had to call the doctor in - Gastric Flu.

Friday 9th December 2016

Recovering slowly and taking small parcels of food.  Managed to put together this blog entry.

Let the train take the strain hey!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

More Fantasy

Sunday 27th November 2016 - visit to Halifax Model Shop.

Purchased 4 boxes:

 Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers - Caesar H043 - 35 figs  (horribly dark picture)
See 'Awaiting Review' section on PSR
Not sure where these will go - maybe Renaissance or Colonial?

  Mounted Cimmerians - Dark Alliance ALL72029 - 10 riders, 10 horses & 1 foot figure
Somewhat malformed bases mean they will be tricky to stick to a base.  

 Cimmerians (set 1) - Dark Alliance ALL72027 - 40 figs
(same box front picture as mounted figures)
Really like these figures - some could go into an ancient army e.g. Vikings

Orc Warriors (set 2) - Caesar F109 - 34 figs
A 'half-way' house between the small goblins and some, much needed, Trolls.

When light permits I will do a review of the fantasy figures.  Today it's dull and grey (typical British weather).

Monday 28th November 2016 - WDW

My car being uncooperative I couldn't get to club so I will paraphrase Chris' report: 

DBM - Andy brought along Huns (with Ostrogothic allies)to face Chris & Al's Middle Imperial Romans (with Pre-Islamic Arab allies).  Attilla was killed by an Arab light horse but held on until the last round.  A 7:3 win to C & A.

A Franco-Prussian module for Age of Eagles was tried out by 3 players.  

I noticed that several modules have been, or are in process of being, released for this base rule set.  []

Nothing else to report as my freezing garret does not permit painting at this time of year (especially with record low temperatures for November).

Thursday, 24 November 2016

More Dr Who

Monday 21st November 2016 - no WDW

No country dancing either - high winds and driving rain meant cancellations all over the place.

Thursday 24th November 2016

Decided to photograph my UNIT soldiers:

12 (not so brilliant) toy soldiers.  The bases need to be finished off.  The DWMG rules only allow firing within the frontal arc (180 degrees) so I am planning on painting the 'front' edge in stone green and the 'back' edge in an earth colour. 

Also noticed that I haven't painted the MG tripod legs.

Here's another pic to show the height comparison.  I would have liked the figures to be a little taller but they are adequate to the job.

What next?'s the list:

1)  Finish off some more of the 30+ Daleks that are in varying stages of painting.
2)  Read through the rules.
3)  Find a suitable scenario.
4)  Do a solo play test.

As I don't have a Brigadier or other UNIT commander something will have to be substituted.   This may warrant another trip to the cheap shops - but after the xmas tat has gone.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dr Who Dissapointment

 [It's 01.28 GMT on Thursday]

Monday 14th November 2016 - WDW

Square Bashing - Austro-Hungarians v French in Salonika 1915
Force on Force - Modern Gang Warfare
HotT - Fantasy Egyptians v Warband army (2 games that were decided by the terrain and the capriciousness of the Egyptian god.
DBM - Late Crusader v Ayyubid Egyptian - I was supporting Al but throwing awful fighting and shooting dice.  We lost half the army.

Wednesday 16th November 2016 - Dr Who

 Taken from more recent times this picture shows the black uniforms I am trying to emulate.  Don't think that I will bother with the 'sun glasses' (weird or what!).

After starting to paint my UNIT soldiers I went looking for the Dr Who Miniatures Game site only to find that it had closed down on the 13th.  After much searching I found my downloaded copy of the rules, cards and scenarios. 

Now I have three sets of rules to look at  - DWMG, Dr Who Invasion Earth and Time Wars Core Ruleset (10mm).
 DWIE is only available from the Yahoo group (and it has no fancy cover).  Here's a link for the 10mm rules:

Internet Items (seen this week):

English Civil War Flags:

CUADRO GOLPEANDO! - A Spanish Civil War Variant of Square Bashing devised by Martin Rapier

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The 'Post' With No Name

 (It's Thursday - 00.59 GMT)

Saturday 5th November 2016 - WDW - Fubar Modern (didn't go).

Sunday 6th November 2016 - finished another book - "Return of Dr Fu-Manchu" by Sax Rohmer

The second of the series (of 14).  I have already read number one - "Mystery of Fu-Manchu" and am currently on book four - "Daughter of Fu-Manchu".  Will have to request book three from Royston library.

You have to make allowances for the language and attitudes of the time.  I can remember Christopher Lee playing Fu-Manchu in an old film.  His 'daughter' was a well-known oriental-looking actress of the time (and one that a teenage boy really fancied).

A good source of material for a pulp era skirmish or another dimension to gangster encounters.

Monday 7th November 2016 - WDW

ACW ("Grand Skedaddle") - I was playing on the Confederate side (and we won).
WW1 - "Flames of War" - Brits v Germans (practice game - Andrew & Chris)
DBM - 100 Years War English v Siamese - Al v Andy

Yes I am taking a rest from 'ancients'.  Rather enjoyed being a 'reb' for a change.  Another game in 2 weeks time so maybe DBM next week?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Real Toy Soldiers

Sunday 30th October 2016

Sunday morning I was moving trays of figures.  The Daleks, and other Dr Who figures, glared at me.  Some are fully painted, some partially.  The project had stalled lacking opposition of a suitable size. 

Finding myself in Pontefract I went to Poundland and found:

Green Hornet DVD - managed to find the tv series on Youtube - the one with Bruce Lee as Cato - great fun.  The film is utter rubbish - don't waste your money on it - even £1 was far too much.

"Bag of Soldiers - Fight with the best - Combat - 385-92-8473"
Made in Birmingham by Funtastic

Height (base bottom to top of helmet) = 34-36 mm (kneeling figures are around 25mm)
My Daleks are approx 32mm high.

(8)         (12)         (11)         (6)

(6)           (6)           (6)            (5)

(6)          (11)          (13)          (5)

Total = 95 figs plus 1 flagpole (and base)

Having treated the figures to a wash and pva I decided to photograph them.

The poses are not brilliant, the plastic doesn't bend very well (I almost broke one at the ankles when trying to straighten it and the weaponry is ridiculously small.

On the plus side they are dirt cheap and of the right scale.  Although the uniform is incorrect it could be painted to represent UNIT groups as featured in the last Torchwood series (awful though it was).  Still haven't found anything that looks like the earlier British uniforms - suppose that I will keep looking.

Monday 31st October 2016

Ace of Aces (WW1 'book' game)
Square Bashing - 1914 Fr v Ger
Race to the Rhine 1944 (boardgame)
Hell by Daylight (Modern skirmish)

DBM - Later Judaen v Ancient British.  My plan was to demonstrate on the left flank, hold in the centre and attack on the right.  Al was my sub-general with the attacking wing.  He had a mass of Reg Ax(S) plus supporting Ps on a steep hill.  Our Romans were closer to the centre.  Given that there were 14 Roman elements opposing us I concluded that there was nothing in the wood - little did I know!  Al threw in some Ps(O) only to find 5 more Roman Ax(S).  It was at this point that I checked the army lists - Ancient Brits are only allowed 12 elements of Roman allies.  So facing an illegal army my plan went to pot.

As it played out our Roman command broke with my central command within 2 elements of falling apart.  The massed Wb of 40 elements (plus supports) were within 7 of going.

It didn't help that Andy was on a dice spree throwing a large number of 5s & 6s.  In spite of front and flanking the enemy my dice were dismal.  An ignominous defeat with only the moral high ground in our favour.

Thursday 3rd November 2016 - doing some research for the Marian Roman (DBMM 2.49) army list. 

Started to break down the list (Asia Minor v European) only to find sections featuring generals - Lucius Cornellius Sulla, Crassus, Brutus & Julius Caesar - for which I needed more information.  Hopefully that will be the subject for next weeks posting!

This Week's Items of Interest from the Internet:

Battle of Tarvis May 1809; a Shako scenario

The French in Indochina 1883-85
Tonkin Campaign

Maps From The First Afghan War  [October 28, 2016]

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Romans! Romans! Romans!

Monday 24th October 2016 - WDW

On the big table - Zulus v Brits (Battles for Empire v2) - a re-run of a scenario I played at a Saturday meeting.

DBM - Patrician Roman v Later Carthaginian - the middle was pretty much a stand off.  On our right I fought against Cv, Lh & El - we finished with my command 3 off breaking and Chris 2.  On our left flank Andy had 2 allied commands - Visigoths and Arabs.  Al had a few Lh plus loads of Auxilia to oppose this attack.  As we pulled stumps the game was a draw. No doubt the steep hills that ended up on the Carthaginian side cramped their deployment - typical WRG terrain system!

Wednesday 26th October 2016 - searching in the loft.

Whilst putting back the desk fan and electric fly killer for the winter I came across two 'project' boxes.  They were 15mm Roman and Carthaginian armies.  Trouble is that little is actually painted.  The contents are mixed and largely un-labelled.  Here's a breakdown of the 'Romans' box:

Scan 1:       A                     B                          C

14 (x 4) Legionaries (old Minifigs - Marian Roman) - 8 elements painted as 'Imitation legionaries'
11 (x 4) Legionaries (old Minifigs) - Early Imperial Romans - 3 painted elements
1 (x 4) Late Roman legionaries (Tin Soldier) - painted
2 (x 4) - (A) lorica, plumed helmet, sword, square sh
4 (x 4) - (B) lorica, crested helmet, oval shield, spear - later legionaries?
4 ( x 4) - (C) mail, oval sh, spear - auxilia of some sort?
2 (x 3) Cavalry alares (old Minifigs)  - painted
2 (x 3) 'Gothic' cavalry (old Minifigs)
4 (x 2) Numidiam javelinmen (old Minifigs - for Later Carthaginian army).

A few figures in their original packets:

4 - IMP5 Equites alares (Navigator)
4 - IMP 10 Equites alares (Navigator)
8 - 150601-0032 Kappadokians (Chariot?)
1 - 150222-0040 Cheiroballistra in mule cart (Chariot?)
8 - 150039 Western archers 2
8 - 15016-0038 Western archers 1
3 - 150403-0053 Numidian command group
8 - 150037 EIR Eastern archers 2
8 - 150214-0036 EIR Eastern archers 1
9 - SPQR22 Legionary Lanciarii 4thC

I haven't got around to the unlabelled bags whose contents will have to be mostly guesswork (plus some book research).  Maybe next time!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well...not quite yet!

Monday 17th October 2016 - No WDW

Did find time (and sunlight) to photograph my 'Chinese' 4h Ch:

This is as they were fielded last Monday night.  The figures were all taken from my spares box and include not only Chinese but Malay, Vietnamese and miscellaneous barbarians.

I had planned to add removable flags and banners but after their showing on the battlefield I doubt that I will turn them out again.  Currently the riders are on my painting board to be finished and then returned to the spares box (painted side). 

The chariots themselves, plus Carthaginian crew, need to be finished off.  Maybe I will have more luck with them in their original army!

Here is  something different:

I have been playing this 'print and play' game for a week or so.  It's available for download at:

The mechanisms are quite straight-forward.  Eventually you must complete the 'Heroic Deeds' card before you have too many 'Heroic Defeats'.  In the early stages it's relatively easy to beat the game but as you go along the monsters get tougher and there are more of them.  So far I have managed 9 Deeds to 4 Defeats - the trouble is that all four defeats have come in a row since the pack got tougher.  

I shall play on regardless in the hope that the gods of olympus smile down upon me.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Another Deadline Missed

RL still getting in the way - Friday is over in the UK.

Monday 10th October 2016 - WDW

Square Bashing - two a side;  Oregan (boardgame) & DBM

DBM - Makkan v Spring & Autumn Chinese - Chris was not keen on this army and after playing with it I can see why.  We went for a flank march (that got lost somewhere in the mountains).  Our C-in-C's command pitted Wb(F) against Wb(F) and guess who came out the losers?  On the flanks our Kn(O) chariots didn't do so well either.

My main reason for fielding this army had been a desire to play with all the Chinese armies in the DBM(M) lists. Only Book 1 remained.   Having recently painted up 10 x Carthaginian 4h chariots I kitted them out with improvised crew.  They looked OK for Irr Kn(O).  I used some 'proper' Chinese chariots for generals.

Well...that's 1.32 'Spring & Autumn' done.  Two more lists remain - Shang & Early Northern Barbarian.  Neither army look like 'giant-killers' to me.

Hoped to supply photos of the chariots in 'Chinese' mode but there has been precious little sunshine around this week.  Dull and wet every day.  Maybe next week!!!

And maybe next week normal service will be resumed - don't hold your breath though!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Back to Thursday

RL is still getting in the way but at least I am trying.....

Monday 3rd October 2016 - WDW

Square Bashing 1917 (Brits v Germans); Impetus (Samurai civil war); 10 Minute Empire boardgame (Andrew won both times).

DBM - Syracusan Greeks v Achaemenid Persians.  I didn't have a lot to do on the Greek Left Wing (pseudo-Corbenites!). The centre dawdled whilst trying to decide which way to go.  On the right Al thrust forward and landed himself in the muck.  At end of play our right had fallen (a bit like Nigel Farrage and co) resulting in a 4:6 defeat.

Thursday 6th October 2016 - still trying to finish those pesky chariots.  As I have committed myself to producing a 'Spring & Autumn' Chinese army for next Monday I had better get on with it!

Took a look at my 'Carthaginian' tin (from whence the 4h chariots come).  Only about one-third of them are actually painted.  Not surprising since most haven't been in  action since 6th Edition (much like their owner).  Yet another project for me - after the Vikings of course.

Ah Well!  Another week, another (rising) dollar!

Friday, 30 September 2016

A Day Late

Yes I's Friday.  Too much to do yesterday.....RL getting in the way again.

Monday 26th September 2016 - WDW

Sparse attendance today - "I Am Sparticus" boardgame, Zombies (Ambush Z) & a three-handed DBM game.

Chris was supposed to be bringing his New Kingdom Egyptians to face Andy's Makkan.  With three of us present, and unable to contact Chris, we scrounged sufficient NKE figures from club stocks for Al to provide some opposition.  It was a cagey fight with Al holding back his main chariot force to face off against Andy's Cm(O). 

One of my Wb(F) commands initially did well but the dice soon turned.  After loosing 6 elements in one bound I became less aggressive.  When the final whistle went one command on each side was tottering on the edge of oblivion.  Nevertheless an entertaining draw.

Friday 30th September 2016 - Progress report - part 2

 Two pics of my incomplete 4h Early Carthaginian chariots.  I finally managed to base 9 (of 10), putting 'trees' on them (twigs) and placing some 15mm crew for scale.

I will not be permanently mounting the crew as I want to 'double-purpose' these expensive chariots.  Tidying up the painting comes next and making trays for the crew.   Not sure which way I am going to go - steel paper and magnabase - but what gets what?

And now for something completely different........

Two pics from Chris of his WW1 tank demonstration game.  This is happening soon at The Armouries, Leeds.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Progress Report

Saturday 17th September 2016 - WDW

Well I intended to run a game but instead found myself at Roundway medical centre having my ears syringed.  Been given some powerful drugs that cause drowsiness - so banned from driving for a week.  That's my social life out of the window.

Sunday 18th September 2016

I decided to do a tidy up of my wargaming and folk dancing stuff.  As a trip into the loft was not an option it was all my paperwork that was going to get blitzed. 

Now you know how it is....I will just print off that set of rules or background information.......might come in handy one day!  Starting at "Ancients" and finishing at "Sci-Fi" resulted in almost 150 sets of rules.  Military info was also in abundance.  Of course, not having tidied up for a while, I found quite a few duplicates. 

So many projects started - so little follow through.  Such is the butterfly mind of a wargamer!

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Dug through my trays of unfinished figures. 

Those pesky Carthaginian 4h chariots are still there - will I ever finish them?
No Renaissance 20mm figures awaiting attention.
20mm Sea Peoples glared up at me balefully.
15mm Vikings & Conquistadores are mostly still bare metal.
The miscellaneous 15mm tray has some 'Arab' cavalry (much needed) plus Chinese wheelbarrows and flaming pigs.

Thursday 22nd September 2016

With the paperwork sorted and new folders made from cereal packets (very Blue Peter) I have started painting.  First up are the Vikings and the flaming pigs.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Yes..It's Thursday!

Monday 12th September 2016 - WDW

DBM - Al brought out his Assyrians to face the Scythian hordes.  Unfortunately the Assyrians are one of the classic under-performers (like most Romans).  Historically  they did pretty well but the DBM army list does them no favours.  As a consequence we had to play cagey with the Scythians outnumbering us.  Nevertheless a draw was achieved.  I also found out how useful Hd(O) can be.

On the other tables - "Quebec" boardgame and "Battles for Westeros" (semi-fantasy).

Thursday 15th September 2016 - with the Calling season starting my 'spare time' will be at a premium. 

Having just recovered from a horrible throat infection I am now deaf in one (very sore) ear.  So it's back to the doctor for yet another handful of  goodies from his bag of tricks.  Getting old is not recommended.  Anybody got a spare youth serum laying about the place?

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Not A Lot....

Monday 5th September 2016 - WDW

DBM - Hindu Indian v Rajputs.  A  fight between competing faction within the same sub-continent.  Andy went for Rajputs which gave him plenty of Camels (surprise! surprise!). I commanded a more sober 'government' force with a 'renegade' Rajput ally.   Having compulsory fanatic troops in each command made control problematic (Andy was in a worse position having Irr Bd(F) and Irr Kn(F) in each command.

Hats off to Andy & Chris who managed to break our two smallest commands.  In retrospect I should have gone with 3, rather than 4 commands, thereby giving a higher break point.  An interesting game if a bit 'hairy' at times.

On the other tables - Fubar WW2 (French  v German);  Wings of War aerial dogfight and a 3-way game of "Churchill".  Sitting next door to the boardgame it was  like listening to Pathe News.  Well done to the designers for recreating the period atmosphere.

That's All Folks - maybe more next week!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

WW1 East Africa - Part 2

Monday 29th August 2016 - WDW

DBM scrap - Andy's Hussites versus Medieval Irish.  It's always a grind when you are pitting blade against blade.  This game was no exception and eneded up a draw.

On the other tables - Square Bashing and a boardgame.

I started off by playing Pocket Battles.  I hadn't had a game of this for quite some time and had forgotten the rules.  I didn't get the initiative so my fate was sealed in the first round by loosing about one-third of my forces.  Something needs to be done about the tremendous advantage that the first player gets - doubt that I will be having another game soon.

Thursday 1st September 2016 - WW1 East Africa - photos at last!

 British 'regulars' - Hat British Inf in Tropical uniforms (plus a few others)

HaT WW1 Indian Infantry to the left, Revell (I think) to the right.

All converted Mahdists - Jammer (Indian) infantry and Arab allies

British askaris - a mixture of old HaT and new plus some French Foreign Legion conversions.

Left - some HaT figures masquerading as mounted South Africans
Right - Zulus converted to Masai
Front - two HaT British machine guns

Well that's all the figures I need for the September fight.  Will add extra painting detail as time permits.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

WW1 Progress Report

Not a lot happening this week on the wargaming front - no WDW.  I'm also still suffering from a throat infection and getting little sleep.  Still I have managed to make progress on the WW1 East African front.

The German Forces:

9 x Ruga Ruga - a real mixture of figures - Tarzan, Zulus, Red Indians and others that I cannot identify.  The eagle-eyed will spot some unfinished items, missing shields etc.

2 x Germans Seabattalion (white uniforms);
2 x German 'regulars' (khaki)
8 x Askaris (mostly the awful old HaT box with a few recent additions.

Tried to photograph some  others but light levels are pretty poor at the moment.  The camera insisted on using flash (in spite of 3 spotlights.  I had to use the 'suppress flash' setting which meant that the 'anti-shake' was turned off.  Will try again tomorrow (after the threatened deluge).

With the Brits (pictures next week) I now have all the figures in a useable state.  How much tidying up I can do in the time remaining is in the lap of the gods!

On another matter.....

Featuring the David Tennant Doctor and the splendidly feisty Donna (Sharon Tate) this is a good yarn set in Indai on the verge of independence.  The period touches are wonderful and Gandhi comes over as very likeable.

Ghosts of India is a good read - well worth the money.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The English Are Coming

Monday 15th August 2016 - completed 4 elements to finish my Colonial English DBA-RRR army:

1 x Drg               Colonist mounted muskets
1 x Gun               light gun  [using normal cannons until I find a suitable 'light gun']
1 x Sk                 Caribbean Indians 
                           [don't have any carribean indians but as the English also fought in
                            North America I used some AWI figures]
1 x Sk                 ‘Woods-wise’ colonists  [used Roget's Rangers]

This is the 17th DBA-RRR army that I have painted up so I reckon it's time for a break.  

WDW - DBM Tupi v Spanish (not colonial).  We hid in the bad terrain until throwing a "1" forced us out.  Another turn would have resulted in an ignominious defeat.  The Spanish were throwing ridiculously poor movement dice (usually 2 x 1 plus something else).  I made up for it in combat by throwing ones and twos.

Viet Nam scenario being played on the main table - the Americans won in the end.

Tim's Vichy French managed to inflict a defeat upon the Brits (WW2) in the 2nd round of their ongoing Mediterranean campaign.

Thursday 18th August 2016 - WW1 East Africa - progress report:

Started painting the bases - slightly different colours for the Germans and the Brits (it makes it easier to diffentiate between so much khaki).   Player briefings and maps done.

QRS still to be done.  Play test to be carried out.

I MUST get on with it!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Nearly Man

It's one of those weeks when you think...."I'll get that job done by Thursday".  Alas real life gets in the way and you become a 'nearly man'.

Saturday 6th August 2016 - WDW

Turned up lunchtime to find the lads 'Square Bashing'.  Apparently there had been a 20C naval game on in the morning.  Too late to join in anything though!

Monday 8th August 2016 - WDW (again)

The big game was "Attack" with 6 people playing.  A sort of variant on Risk.  It seemed to me that they spent far longer on the rules than actually playing the game.

Andy & John played a rare game of DBA (v3).  I think that's the fourth this year.

With Chris absent the other three had a DBM bash with Al's Samurai v Andy's Tuaregs.  By close of play the Samurai were one command down.  Not a thrilling game.

Thursday 11th August - deadline

 I finished yet another book:

This book is an expansion of what happened in the tv series 'Deep Space 9'  The writer is constrained in how far she can go and there is precious little suspense.  Still the author does her best. 

On the painting front  I managed to get my WW1 East Africans done plus some elements for DBA-RRR English Colonial.   So two projects completed?  Well......that's when  I spotted a stray box file!

Seems that I am a  'Nearly Man' once again!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

This Is NOT The Way to Do It!!!

(It's 02.45 GMT on Thursday 4th August 2016)

Monday 1st August 2016 - WDW

 DBM - Thracians v Pre-Islamic Arabs.

The scribbled plan above shows my troops in black and the enemy in blue.  I really made a mess of my deployment.  Command one had all my cavalry plus 10 Lh(O) - stuck between a steep hill and two woods.  Command 4 (the Greeks) were hung out to dry on the right flank.  In hindsight I should have put the hoplites between the hills (a la Thermopylae) and command one on the right.  Basic rookie mistakes.

This shows what happens when you turn up frazzled after being diverted off course because some a***h**e thought he could get under a low bridge.  Luckily Al & I managed to hold out for a draw.

On the other tables - WW1 Naval, American War of Independence (Black Powder) & WW2 in the Desert (Vichy French v Americans).

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 - finished another book

 A more joyous book about Steam coming to the Discworld.  Clearly the author had benefitted from spending time on the Watercress line (as I did).  The counter-balance to his last (ever) book that showed the downside of new technology.  No matter what the cultural differences Pratchett tells us that we all have our place in society.  Clearly a message that needs to be repeated loudly in post-Brexit England.

Thursday 4th August 2016 - Red Box figures (from Hannants) arrived this afternoon.

RB72096 - Spanish infantry 16C - set 1
RB72099 - Italian infantry 16C - set 1
RB72108 - Scottish Light Cavalry - War of the Roses

All of these are currently sitting in the "Awaiting Review" section of PSR. 

The infantry have an awful lot of flash around the sprue and figure base making them hard to separate.  The cavalry have no distinct lessening between sprue and riders' legs.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Just a Few Notes

Friday 22nd July 2016 - WW1 East Africa

Managed to complete the British & German briefings for the "Battle of Ngomano 1916".  Soldiering on with the painting of course.  Still need to come up with a QRS for the rules.  Checked my list and reviewed the figures.  Still 8 short - not a disaster.

Monday 25th July 2016 - WDW

No Ancients this time as only two of us were available.  Got roped into playing "Oregan" boardgame.  It was a close game with few points between us at the end.  On the other tables were - 'Square Bashing' (Brits v Germans) and yet more boardgames. 

Deany & Co started off with a hex-tile game featuring fantasy monsters.  The follow-up was a trading game set in the Caribbean during pirate times.  [Must find out the names!]

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Still cannot find the 'trees' for my newly discovered chariots - have selected some suitable rose clipping though.  Getting closer on a handful of DBA-RRR figures/models.  The 15mm Vikings are still looking at me balefully.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Not A Lot

Saturday 16th July - should have been going to WDW Napoleonic bash.

 Thanks to my kind and considerate neighbour I was instead obliged to clear rubbish out of my back garden.  Seems that there is now a draconian new law (2014) that allows people whose sensitivities have been disturbed (when looking out of an upstairs window) to report miscreants to the council.  These criminals can then be obliged to carry out remedial work within 14 days else they will be served with an ASBO (and face fines and/or imprisonment).

Sunday 17th July - still working on my garden and making trips to the 'local' tip.

Some panels now drying out within view of the 'sensitive neighbour'.  Will have to wait for the Environmental Officer to carry out an inspection (who by the merest coincidence happens to have the same surname as my neighbour).

Monday 18th July 2016 - no WDW meeting today (and no Swillington FDC either) so I made a second visit to Wakefield Warriors.

Didn't play this time but watched a game of "Kings of War" - Elves versus Undead.  The Elves looked impressive but were ground down by waves of Undead.

Future Plans - to get on with my East Africans.  More details to do than expected.  Don't have long until they will be in use.  The bases, however, can be left as they are - the MDF colour is similar to soils found in modern Tanganyika.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Fortunes of War

[It's 00.16 GMT on Thursday 14th July 2016]

Sunday 10th July 2016 - a few more figures done:

back left - Colonial Portuguese - Kn(g)     
back right - Transylvanian - Cv(g) - note 'Dracula's false teeth'
front left - Jinetes - Lh (Colonial Portuguese)
front right - War Dogs - 4WB (Spanish Colonial)

back left - English Colonist horsemen - Cv
back right - Pi (unknown)
front left - Moloitsy - Sh (Cossacks)
front right - Sh (unknown)

Well that's almost all my planned DBA-RRR revisions / additions done.  The only army left is 'English Colonial 1637-1700' which still needs 1 x Drg; 1 x Light Gun plus 2 x Sk.

The two 'unknown' elements were sitting on my board - they may end up in a Dutch Colonial army (book 3) at some future date.  Now it's back to the East Africans.

Just finished another Dr Who book:

A reasonable yarn with some weird aliens set in the not too distant future.  6 out of 10 maybe!

Monday 11th July 2016 - DBM Abbasid Arabs v Tuareg - an ignominious defeat with two of our four generals being killed.  Movement dice were OK but shooting and melee were just awful - we were six-oned mercilessly. 

On the other table was a five person boardgame of "1812".  The Canadians, Indians & Brits fought off the American invaders.  I started off playing this game before the DBMers arrived - I wish that I had stayed there.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Just a Trickle

Saturday 2nd July 2016 - finished another book.

"Eight Banners and Green Flag" (see Thursday 26th May for cover) by Michael Fredholm von Essen - Pub: The Pike and Shot Society  ISBN 978-1-902768-33-5

Subtitled "The Army of the Manchu Empire and Qing China, 1600-1850", it covers not only 250 years but also areas held by the Chinese (Ming & Qing), Mongols & Tibetans.  A pretty comprehensive book and well worth the £10.  I wanted more information on the Qing's enemies but I guess that you can't have everything. 

If you see the Pike & Shot stall at any show, and have any interest in Chinese affairs of this period, then go and buy it.

Monday 4th July 2016 - WDW

DBM - Nikephorian Byzantine v Communal Italian - off to a slow start (1-1-2-2) but luckily the ally was paying attention.  The game never really speeded up.  My (left) command was fighting against two others - one half creamed the enemy knights - the other half went down in droves.  Meanwhile the Georgian allies not only failed to break the opposition - they lost heavily.  The Byzantines may live to fight another day but will have to do some substantial recruiting.

On the only other table - Andrew & Jim played a WW2 tank fight with home-grown rules.  I got the impression that more work needs to be done to improve playability!

Very sparse attendance and no football excuse either.

Wednesday 6th July 2016 - recovering from my calling session at Barkstone Ash I finished off three more elements:

Left back - later Spanish Bd command - Left front - sword & buckler men (Bd)
Right - early Spanish Bd command

The blue and white flag looked ok from a distance but doesn't bear close inspection.  I will re-paint it in due course.  All these are for my DBA-RRR armies of course.

Some of my readers / viewers might be suffering a bit of deja vu.  With the acquisition of more Conquistadores I have been able to swap some figures around and substitute where appropriate.  This means more consistency regarding helmet / hat   types etc so that I can differentiate between Portuguese, Spanish and English forces.

Have been adding steel to my khaki and brown (WW1) hordes.  Wish I could paint as fast as Tamsin ('Wargaming Girl').

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Another Fine Mess

No, I'm not referring to Brexit (at least Boris is no longer a PM contender).  It's just that Real Life gets in the way sometimes.  So much so that when I looked into my "This Week" folder today it was empty.

The paucity of wargaming activity is as a result of finding a large envelope among the stuff I had to hurriedly move when my kitchen was flooded.  It was a collection of old tapes that needed transferring to CD - and the deadline was Saturday 2nd July - EEK!!!!

Still here's what I did manage to do this week:

Monday 27th June 2016 - down at the club.

Al and I fought a DBM game of Viking Leidang v Carolingian Franks.   The wargame was tight with the Vikings loosing their central command at the last moment.  One of my commands was close to breaking as well.

 Only two of us playing as Chris and Andy were watching England get (deservedly) thrashed by Iceland.  How did Matt Baker describe them???

Two games of 'Square Bashing' were going on - Russians v Turks and French v Germans.   I'm still interested in this set of rules but nobody produces Boxers in 10mm at the moment.

Medieval FUBAR using the club's SAGA figures.  Seems that Saga itself has fallen out of favour whereas Fubar & Lion Rampant are in the ascendant!

Talked to Mike about 'Irregular Wars' again and showed him my recent acquisitions.  Like me he has a fair number of Aztecs (or similar) but wants to base the bulk of them up for Baroque Impetus.  The leftovers can be used for IW.

Figuring out what I need for the Conquistadors list is not quite as straightforward as it should be - there is the matter of classification.  More on that later - when I have the time.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pastures New-ish

Monday 20th June 2016

No Wakefield & District Wargamers meeting today Swillington either.  So what did I do?  I went off to find the Wakefield Warriors at their new venue.  Now meeting at Westgate Common WMC on Park Grove Road (WF2 8TW) I found them welcoming (as I had two years ago at 'The Snooty Fox'). 

This bunch plays boardgames, FRP and wargames (at the fantasy end of the spectrum).  I was offered the chance to play "Kings of War" being tutored along the way.  Simple mechanisms involving the 'bucket of dice' approach.  Quite a few subtleties in game play which I have yet to commit to memory.  Still I managed to win with my Orcs versus his Goblins. I like the system and might even buy a copy.   Fun and beginners luck! 

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Finished a couple more DBA-RRR elements:

                                2 x English Colonial Generals

As it's another busy week for me - calling Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - it's unlikely that I will get any more painting done for a while.

At some time in the past I discussed with club member Mike the possibility of running a Renaissance colonial game in 15mm.  The problem was that both of us had large numbers of Aztec type figures but little in the way of European opposition.  With the acquisition of the Conquistadores on Saturday there may be a possible resolution.

Accordingly I dug out my copy of "Irregular Wars - Conflict at World's End" to look at the army lists.  Assuming the use of standard 40mm x 40 mm DBM/DBR bases the 'Conquistador' army requires:

Compulsory - 2 x Mtd Conquistadors (6 riders & 6 horses)
                       2 x Rodeleros sword & buckler men (6 foot)

Optional -   1 x Rodeleros sword & buckler men (3 foot)
                   1 x (Regular) Pike (8 foot)*
                   1 x Shot (3 foot)
                   1 x Crossbowmen (3 foot)

                  1 x Priest (1-3 foot)
                  1 x War-dogs (3-5 dogs)
                  1 x Field gun (1 gun plus 2-3 crew)
                  2-8 x Indian mercenaries - missiles (6-24 foot)
                  2-10 x Indian archers (6-30 foot)
                  1-6 x Indian porters (3-18 foot)

* I feel that such a close-order would be appropriate for the 'regular pikemen' but not for the 'half-pikes' who fought in a looser formation.
I can cover the Compulsory and the first four optional troops from my newbies.  Indian mercenaries, Priests and Porters I will have to search for.  The field gun and war dogs I could order from the new owner of Naismith & Roundway figures - 

The dedicated Naismith sword & buckler men are codes CQ14 - Standing; CQ15 - Attacking.  I could use a mixture of CQ01 - Conquistador Officer; CQ02 - Gentlemen Adventurer with Sword; CQ03 - Conquistador with Sword Charging & CQ04 - Conquistador with Sword At Ready.

Next is to look again at my Mesoamericans.  As I recall they are a mixture of sizes - Naismith (smallest) to Tin Soldier (largest).  Perhaps I'm allowed to be 'size-ist' on this occasion?

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Phalanx 2016 - Let the Train Take the Strain

Yes an extra posting - what next?

Saturday 18th June 2016 - Phalanx @ St.Helens

So off I went on my 2.5 hour jaunt over the Pennines.  It didn't start well - at 09.09 the train turned up at Fitzwilliam to get me to Leeds.  1 minute late - not bad - only it was supposed to be the 08.46.  This didn't bode well but apart from having to stand to Wakefield  I managed to make the first connection.  Surprisingly Manchester Piccadilly & Newton-le-Willows changes also worked out.

The show was easy to find - walking distance from the station.  The bugbear - nowhere to get any cash.  Why don't these Leisure Centres have cash points?  After a 15 minute walk each way to a shopping centre I had my cash and could go to the 'Bring & Buy' (which was excellent).  I didn't buy a lot in the main hall - very little in 15mm.  Some of the games were interesting but not as good as Partizan.  The hall was also rather hot and stuffy.

Here's my loot:

1 box of Airfix 'Robin Hood' (B & B) - £2 - destined for the 'general box' 

1 box of Imex Sioux Indians  (B & B) - £3 - for conversion into various 'natives'

1 cardboard box labelled "24 packs - Conquistador Army"  Inside were 25 packs (I complained bitterly - NOT) of Naismith Design figures for £10. The next time I hand over my 'spare change' to the Cat Protection League I will add £2.

Also - 4 packs of 60 x 60 MDF bases (for my East African project).

The journey home involved 3 changes - Manchester Victoria, Stalybridge & Leeds.  The Pennine Express was 5 minutes late into Leeds but as I had 12 minutes for the changeover it was no problem.  The only gripe I had was when a bunch of charming lads boarded the Manchester bound train - they were very loud-mouthed and foul-mouthed - F-ing and B-ing relentlessly.  From Stalybridge a quartet of older gentlemen also had a somewhat limited vocabulary.

So would I go to Phalanx again?  I think not.  Train advertising doesn't mention the crass passengers you meet or the bawling babies.  2.5 hours is too long to endure for a moderate show.

Here's some links for pictures: