Thursday, 15 December 2016

Another Lost Week

 Monday 12th December 2016 - WDW

Not only was I absent without leave but so was Chris.  Al had called me in the day to borrow my Early Carthaginian chariots so I do at least know one DBM army that was in play.

Postscript (thanks to Churmy):
DBM was Early Carthaginians v Andy's usual combination of Wb(F) & Camels.
Medieval FUBAR
DBA (presumably v 3.0)

Thursday 15th December 2016

Well I have been out for the first time in 10 days - and that only to the doctors.  More pills, pain killers and linctus - a walking pharmacy!

Decided to download "Triumph" from Wargames Vault.  A very quick perusal suggests that it is a variant of DBA with bits added from the Forum and HotT.  Need to give it a thorough read through before I can say anything definite.

That's All Folks!  [to quote a certain bunny].

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