Thursday, 1 December 2016

More Fantasy

Sunday 27th November 2016 - visit to Halifax Model Shop.

Purchased 4 boxes:

 Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers - Caesar H043 - 35 figs  (horribly dark picture)
See 'Awaiting Review' section on PSR
Not sure where these will go - maybe Renaissance or Colonial?

  Mounted Cimmerians - Dark Alliance ALL72029 - 10 riders, 10 horses & 1 foot figure
Somewhat malformed bases mean they will be tricky to stick to a base.  

 Cimmerians (set 1) - Dark Alliance ALL72027 - 40 figs
(same box front picture as mounted figures)
Really like these figures - some could go into an ancient army e.g. Vikings

Orc Warriors (set 2) - Caesar F109 - 34 figs
A 'half-way' house between the small goblins and some, much needed, Trolls.

When light permits I will do a review of the fantasy figures.  Today it's dull and grey (typical British weather).

Monday 28th November 2016 - WDW

My car being uncooperative I couldn't get to club so I will paraphrase Chris' report: 

DBM - Andy brought along Huns (with Ostrogothic allies)to face Chris & Al's Middle Imperial Romans (with Pre-Islamic Arab allies).  Attilla was killed by an Arab light horse but held on until the last round.  A 7:3 win to C & A.

A Franco-Prussian module for Age of Eagles was tried out by 3 players.  

I noticed that several modules have been, or are in process of being, released for this base rule set.  []

Nothing else to report as my freezing garret does not permit painting at this time of year (especially with record low temperatures for November).

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