Thursday, 14 August 2014

Commanding Figures

Four new commanders off the paint table plus some horse.....

Colonial Portuguese and German Catholic

The stripes on the commander's legs are more Spanish than Portuguese - oh well!  The figure is a War of the Roses Courer.  The German commander is from the Waterloo 1815 Cromwell's Cavalry set.

Danish & Safavid Persian

The Danish horseman is another Cromwell cavalryman.  The Safavids are a mix of Saracens & Mongols.

French Bernadine cavalry & Danish harquebusiers

Now I have to admit that I couldn't find any pictures of Bernadine cavalry but the French Kn were still very old-fashioned at this time so I took a risk.  The harquebusiers are yet more Cromwellian cavalry.

So that's the majority of the commanders done.  Once my new order of bases arrives I can finish off some horse and foot.  Just the Polish, Dutch & Transylvanians to go then!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Bit More Progress

Well here we are one week after my last post - with a bit more progress on the Renaissance front:

Two elements for my Cossack army - the pikemen have been modified to turn them into 'drilled cossacks'
                                                       - the skirmishers are new

6 elements for my new Polish army - 2 x Regular Sh, 2 x Irreg Sh, 1 x Gun (it should be smaller) and 1 x 'Polish cossacks'.   

On the DBM front Monday's game was Andy's Tamil Indian versus Al's Later Crusader.  I seconded Andy and was in charge of the main attack in the centre.  Now the last time I was put in charge of a mass of Wb(F) it wasn't long before they disintegrated.  This first impact out of 7 dice I threw 5 sixes.  I killed 10 elements in one round (Andy killed 2 more).  The game was decided by 8.30 pm.  I think that I have used up all my luck for at least a year!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Progress Report

Still revising my DBA-RRR 30YW armies.  Plenty of painting done but little actually finished.

Modified dragoons base for German Catholics - thought I would show the rear view this time!

On my painting tray are:

1 x 3 Cv   harquebusiers (Danish)
2 x 3 Kn   Bernadine cavalry (French)
1 x 2 Sk   snipers (Free Cossacks)
1 x 2 Lh   Croats (German Catholic)
1 x 3 Cv   Feudal horse (German Protestant)
1 x 3 Cv   German mercenary reiters (Swedish)
1 x 2 Lh   German mercenary harquebusiers (Swedish)

This gives you some idea of just how many changes I have had to make.

Hopefully I can get these oddments painted up for the September game but it is not looking good - time will tell.
On the club front I played another game of Saga - this time a 3-hander - Bretons, Welsh & Jomsviking.  It struck me that it was far too easy for the Jomsvikings to get their Wrath up to 6 (and keep it there)!

There was a DBM game going on between Lysimachids & Seleukids.  As expected the pikes never got into contact.  Lysimachus lost one wing to enemy horse but had bottled up the enemy right so tightly that a draw was offered and accepted.  All par for the course.