Thursday, 29 December 2016

Another Year Over....

Still trying to photograph the fantasy figures - only 2 successful pics:

4 of the horses for Cimmerian mounted - 2 of each (one to come)

1 x cavalry figure plus 1 x foot figure (could be transferred to the infantry)

I think that I will have to temporarily fix the cavalrymen to suitable disks with blu-tak in order to get some decent contrast.

The bigger problem is the Orcs - the ghastly plastic colour:

I guess that I will have to undercoat in light grey or white so that the detail can be seen!  
Any experienced digital photographers out there who can offer advice?

Anyway even though I don't celebrate xmas I can still wish all my readers/viewers:


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Approach to Xmas

[It's Thursday 01.58 hrs GMT]

Saturday 17th December - WDW

Russian Civil War ("Setting the East Ablaze")
English Civil War ("Baroque Impetus")

Needless to say I was not there but here's a piccy for you:

Bob's RCW terrain, buildings and fgures.

Monday 19th December - WDW

Austro-Hungarians v Russians 1914/15 ("Square Bashing")
DBM - Lysimachid v Pre-Islamic Arab - I commanded the right flank with all the pikes (24) whilst Al faced off against 20 Cm(O).  Inevitably the camels got the better of the fight.  Chris and I lost only 2 elements each.

I managed to survive 3 hours of play but fell asleep as soon as I got home.

Well no WDW until the new year.

Have read through about half of the "Triumph" rules so hopefully some thoughts next week.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Another Lost Week

 Monday 12th December 2016 - WDW

Not only was I absent without leave but so was Chris.  Al had called me in the day to borrow my Early Carthaginian chariots so I do at least know one DBM army that was in play.

Postscript (thanks to Churmy):
DBM was Early Carthaginians v Andy's usual combination of Wb(F) & Camels.
Medieval FUBAR
DBA (presumably v 3.0)

Thursday 15th December 2016

Well I have been out for the first time in 10 days - and that only to the doctors.  More pills, pain killers and linctus - a walking pharmacy!

Decided to download "Triumph" from Wargames Vault.  A very quick perusal suggests that it is a variant of DBA with bits added from the Forum and HotT.  Need to give it a thorough read through before I can say anything definite.

That's All Folks!  [to quote a certain bunny].

Friday, 9 December 2016

I'm Barking!

I'm Barking....but not as badly as I was!

Saturday 3rd December 2016 - Recon

Links for photos:

Not a busy show.  Numbers were down.  Caliver Books were absent this year and no 15mm manufacturers that I saw.  The whole thing is tired and needs a thorough re-vamp.

I did buy something on the Bring & Buy (which was 40k predominantly) and that was one small book

I traveled to and from the venue by train.  I don't use public transport much so my immune system is not often 'primed'.  Last year I had a raging sore throat for 3 weeks.  This year's passenger was to manifest the following day.

Sunday 4th December 2016 - sunshine (briefly)

I managed to photograph some of my new, fantasy figures whilst 'barking' (loud coughing).

Dark Alliance (72027) Cimmerians (set 1)

Average height (Bottom of foot to eye-line) = 22 to 23 mm
Plastic - 'chewey', hard to cut from the sprue or sand down
Number: 44 (all foot) - the box says 40 figures

4 of each type shown in the pics below:

There are some figures here that could be mixed into other 'conventional' armies - Dark Ages or Vikings maybe!

,Monday 5th December 2016 - WDW

Commands & Colours Ancients (boardgame) - Bruttium (Spartican battle)
Liberty (boardgame) - AWI
Fubar Medieval - Saracens, Vikings v Normans

DBM - Makkan v New Kingdom Egyptian - a nail-biting game that could have gone either way.  My command was loosing Bd to Wb(F) at an appalling rate.  I was, however, taking chunks out of his massed hordes.  My command was within one element of destruction when.....the enemy flank march turned up.  Four of my Bw had to flee away from the table edge.  This is where the dice gods stepped in - two Bw found themselves within range of an enemy general Cv(I).  A 6:2 followed with the enemy having no chance to avoid demoralisation and the flank force looking confused.  You couldn't write the script......

Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th December 2016

Pretty much a blur - had to call the doctor in - Gastric Flu.

Friday 9th December 2016

Recovering slowly and taking small parcels of food.  Managed to put together this blog entry.

Let the train take the strain hey!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

More Fantasy

Sunday 27th November 2016 - visit to Halifax Model Shop.

Purchased 4 boxes:

 Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers - Caesar H043 - 35 figs  (horribly dark picture)
See 'Awaiting Review' section on PSR
Not sure where these will go - maybe Renaissance or Colonial?

  Mounted Cimmerians - Dark Alliance ALL72029 - 10 riders, 10 horses & 1 foot figure
Somewhat malformed bases mean they will be tricky to stick to a base.  

 Cimmerians (set 1) - Dark Alliance ALL72027 - 40 figs
(same box front picture as mounted figures)
Really like these figures - some could go into an ancient army e.g. Vikings

Orc Warriors (set 2) - Caesar F109 - 34 figs
A 'half-way' house between the small goblins and some, much needed, Trolls.

When light permits I will do a review of the fantasy figures.  Today it's dull and grey (typical British weather).

Monday 28th November 2016 - WDW

My car being uncooperative I couldn't get to club so I will paraphrase Chris' report: 

DBM - Andy brought along Huns (with Ostrogothic allies)to face Chris & Al's Middle Imperial Romans (with Pre-Islamic Arab allies).  Attilla was killed by an Arab light horse but held on until the last round.  A 7:3 win to C & A.

A Franco-Prussian module for Age of Eagles was tried out by 3 players.  

I noticed that several modules have been, or are in process of being, released for this base rule set.  []

Nothing else to report as my freezing garret does not permit painting at this time of year (especially with record low temperatures for November).