Sunday, 28 June 2015

More Purchases

I have been to Halifax again - always a pleasure to burrow through the boxes of 1/72 plastic figures.  These are my purchases:

Caesar 007 - Assyrian Army

Caesar 010 - Assyrian Cavalry

Caesar 011 - Assyrian Chariot

The Assyrians add to my limited army that started after the demise of the Wakefield shop.  Strange title "Assyrian Army" as it is entirely of infantry!

Also of note are the ridiculously thin chariot wheels - I cannot believe they are up to the task of carrying four crew without breaking.  Two of the model wheels were badly warped and will require pressing (if you look carefully at the PSV photo you can see the problem).

Along with my other 'chariot' armies (New Kingdom Egyptian, Sea Peoples, Medes & Trojans) they will languish for a while until I find a suitable set of rules.

My initial plan to convert the Egyptians and Trojans from Armati to Impetus have taken a jolt.  Looking at the rules for handling chariots under Impetus resulted in a headache.  Even one of the Impetus mags I read said that handling chariots was difficult under these rules.

I have played 'Pharoh Goes to War' and liked the way it handled chariots.  Problem is they were designed to use the author's Assyrians & Egyptians and have never been developed since.

Somewhere in 'Slingshot' was a short series on the usage of chariots in warfare outlining their various roles according to type and period.  Sadly I cannot find them - can anybody point me in the right direction?

Waterloo 1815 AP 035 - Roger's Rangers

Roger's Rangers will add to my small collection of French-Indian skirmish figures.  The fourth figure on row 3 is shooting from a semi-prone position - which to me is completely useless.  A dead figure could have been used as a marker - these 4 will go into the spares box.

Maybe - some day - I will get my hands on the BUM Roger's Rangers figures.  I live in hope!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

More Kerns

These were finished just after my last post but I have had to wait for the sun.  Monday at 1700 hrs it was only 9 degrees (on the 1st June) and raining. 

Irish Kerns - Irr Ps(S) - manufacturer unknown

In the DBM match Early Imperial Roman faced off against Nabataen (or maybe Hatrene) Arabs.  It was a long and close fight with few casualties by end of play.  Next Monday promises Samurai versus Chinese.

I still have a group of WW1 East Africans waiting to be finished off - but don't hold your breath.