Friday, 25 January 2013

Disappointing Dr Who

Disappointing Dr Who

Saw the advert for issue 304(?) of Dr Who Magazine - Silurians & Weeping Angels.  I got my skates on and headed to the newsagents.

What I saw was an issue with 20 figures on it (I think) but they were half Silurians (in one standard position) and half Weeping Angels (with arms out thrust).  Did I really want so many identical figures?  My wallet moths were safe this time.

What a pity DWM cannot be more imaginative!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Progress Report

Progress Report

Just finished some light horse for my "Hellenistic" project.

These are Armenian horse-archers (Minifigs I think) - from many decades past.  

Thracian horse-archers from Tin Soldier (very chunky).

In mid-2012 I had a leak in the house roof so needed to move some of my figures about.  Two boxes in particular came to my attention - "Hellenistic" & "Greeks".  A complete mess of partly-painted and unpainted figures.  Since then whatever is on my current painting table is accompanied by a couple of units from these boxes.  By such a method I have managed to bring up to standard the following:

5 x 2 Thracian Lh(F) - Tin Soldier                             4 x 4 Lydian Hoplites - ?
5 x 2 Greek Lh(O) - Asgard                                     2 x 4 Spartan Hoplites - Asgard
5 x 2 Bactrian Lh(O) - Tin Soldier                            15 x 4 Reg Peltasts Ax(O) - various
7 x 2 Thracian Lh(O) - Tin Soldier                           13 x 2 Javelinmen Ps(O) - various
5 x 2 Dahae Lh(F) - Minifigs                                    8 x 3 Lykian Peltasts - Minifigs
6 x 3 Lydian Kn(F) - ?                                            28 x 4 Pikes Pk(O) - various
5 x 2 Lydian Lh(O) - ?                                            1 Bolt-shooter - ?
4 x 3 Thracian Cv(O) - Tin Soldier
10 x 3 Kn(F) - Tin Soldier
3 x 3 Kn(F) Generals

Not a bad tally but there is still plenty to go.  Currently sharing my board (with the Zulus) are:

14 x 2 Greek archers Ps(O) - Tin Soldier
10 x 4 Regular peltasts - Ax(O) - various

That just leaves a large pile of bare metal........Ho Hum!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Washing the Spears

Washing the Spears

I have played a number of solo games with these rules and liked them .  However ....being a typical wargamer I feel the need to tinker.

The number of optional rules (towards the back) require you to build all sorts of unique units that do almost nothing.  Being stingy by nature I thought that there must be another (better?) way.  So here's my first attempts at 'chance' cards:

I throw 1d6 at the start of each turn and draw a card if a 5 or 6 is thrown.  The card is passed to the appropriate side (red dot for Imperials, black for Zulus) or is diced for with 1d6 (1-3 to Imperials, 4-6 to Zulus).  A player may use the card during his/her turn.  No player can hold more than 5 cards in his/her hand.

So far this approach has added a little 'spice' without skewing the game.  After a few more trials I will, no doubt, create proper cards.   If any of my readers have any suggestions then please drop me a comment.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Just a Quick Note

Just A Quick Note

Real Life has got in the way of my wargaming over the last month.  Too much hassle from some local vermin.

On a positive note I have managed to sort through a load of figures and am now painting Zulus at an industrial rate.

Anyway .... I'm not too curmudgeonly to wish you all ...... a Happy New Year (2013).