Monday, 5 May 2014

More Painting

Here are the 15mm figures:

Essex Chinese - painted here as Southern Dynasties Reg Bd(F).  
I first blogged about these in December last year.

On the left - hoplites (Asgard in front, unknown behind).
On the right - regular peltasts (Tin Soldier).

Still have many oddments on the painting board - including Carthaginian chariots.  Still progress is progress.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

I Have Been Painting Again!

Hot off my painting board are some of these:

Cavalry / Command and Artillery for my Colonial Portuguese

The padded armour of the cavalry mark them out as New World troops but they would do for Spanish, French, British or Dutch.  As an aside - once I stuck them to the base they listed very badly to the left so I had to put a weight on each horse in turn.  They have straightened up ok but I have this niggling feeling that their socialist leanings will re-assert themselves.

The artillery are pretty generic so could be used in a wide range of Renaissance armies e.g.30YW.

Between photographing these bods and the 15mm figures something happened to the camera's focus.  Hopefully I can sort that out and post the rest tomorrow!