Saturday, 15 June 2013

Renaissance Commanders

Renaissance Commanders

Russian Traditional - Ottoman Turk - Free Cossacks

After acquiring some round MDF bases at Triples I have been painting up 'assistants' to bulk out the command bases for my DBA-RRR armies.  As far as I can remember these are all Zvezda figures.

The Cossack flag-bearer is a conversion - the flag and right arm come from a mounted Cossack.

Next to come off the production line are Swedish & French Thirty Years War commanders.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Dour Affair

A Dour Affair

This Monday's scrap was a bit of a non-event.  Ayyubid Egyptian v Late Crusader (DBM) was never going to be that stirring.

Skillful use of CvS and LhS by my subordinate bottled up 2/3 of the enemy troops.  I attacked down the right wing slaughtering Sp(I).  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to break the command - I needed 2 more elements and couldn't reach them.  Still it did mean that a block of Knights now couldn't risk a fight.

Not surprisingly a 5:5 draw.

On another note I recently ordered 3 boxes of plastics from
                                     Caesar H028 Aztec Warriors
                                     Caesar H025 Conquistadores
                                     Mars 72041 Imperial Heavy Cavalry (Thirty Years War)

I'm now trying to work out what I can field for "DBA in the New World" or DBA-RRR..  Hopefully the Conquistadores can be added to some Revell figures to make up either a Spanish or Portuguese Colonial army.  The Aztec figures will supply native allies.

Still need some more Maya and Inca figures so its either a 60 mile round trip to Halifax or flexing the plastic.  Weighing up the cost of petrol versus postage I think I will rely on model hobbies' good service again.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tamil Indian

Tamil Indian v Early Imperial Roman

Another Monday night DBM scrap - somehow the Romans found themselves in India (no compasses maybe!).  We went down 4:6 to the invaders.  They managed to break one of our small commands before time was called.  The Romans were one point off loosing two commands (half a point each - then the army break point would have been reached).

Of small note - the enemy cataphracts (Kn(X)) actually managed to catch an isolated Wb(F) and kill him.  Still an awful lot of points [(5 x 11) + (1 x 21)] to achieve very little.  Should we all be calling for a reduction in cost of this troop type?

Again my major contribution was to throw a number of ones during vital melees.  6 elements lost in one round but still the command was hanging on.

My movement dice throws have definitely improved. However this has not been enough to get me out of the 'handicap section' of our club.  Should somebody be getting too cocky, with too many wins, either Tim or myself  are allocated to them as 'assistants'.

Isn't it  good to be valued!