Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Dour Affair

A Dour Affair

This Monday's scrap was a bit of a non-event.  Ayyubid Egyptian v Late Crusader (DBM) was never going to be that stirring.

Skillful use of CvS and LhS by my subordinate bottled up 2/3 of the enemy troops.  I attacked down the right wing slaughtering Sp(I).  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to break the command - I needed 2 more elements and couldn't reach them.  Still it did mean that a block of Knights now couldn't risk a fight.

Not surprisingly a 5:5 draw.

On another note I recently ordered 3 boxes of plastics from
                                     Caesar H028 Aztec Warriors
                                     Caesar H025 Conquistadores
                                     Mars 72041 Imperial Heavy Cavalry (Thirty Years War)

I'm now trying to work out what I can field for "DBA in the New World" or DBA-RRR..  Hopefully the Conquistadores can be added to some Revell figures to make up either a Spanish or Portuguese Colonial army.  The Aztec figures will supply native allies.

Still need some more Maya and Inca figures so its either a 60 mile round trip to Halifax or flexing the plastic.  Weighing up the cost of petrol versus postage I think I will rely on model hobbies' good service again.


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