Thursday, 21 May 2020

Egyptians, Latins & DBA Book 2

(A)  New Kingdom Egyptians - Progress Report

I finally got around to painting the remaining 15 elements of Libyan Wb(F) plus 4 x Gasgan Wb(F).  This will provide the punch necessary for this downgraded army. 

Tarted up the Shardana/Sherden and the Libyan archers as well.  Still looking around for suitable Lh(I) for the one permitted element - Oh well!


(B)  Latins - more candidates
Whilst looking for DBA army fill-ups (more later)  I came across the 15mm manufacturer Xyston.  It has a few candidates for Latin armies:

ANC20157 - Oscan Javelinmen with Scutum (8 in 4 vars)  £4
ANC20158 - Oscan Armoured Infantry with Hoplite Shield (8:4)  £4
ANC20159 - Apulian Infantry (8:4)  £4
ANC20170 - Campanian Hoplites (8:4)  £4
ANC20250 - Roman/Italian Peasants (8:4)  £3.75

If you want to search for yourself try this page:


(C)  DBA (v3.0) - Book 2

Carrying out an exercise to see which armies Ian & I can field.  Out of 192 armies I can field 108 of them.

Of the rest 15 are in the 'Not Quite' category:

4b - Yueh Chinese [need 4 x 3Pk]
4d - Other Chinese [as above]
4e - Other Chinese [need 1 x 3Bd]
5f - Phokian [need 1 x stone-thrower]
21a - Ch'iang & Ti Chinese [need 2 x armoured tribal 4Ax]
21b - Ch'iang & Ti Chinese [same as above]
22c - Hatra [need 1 x cataphract camels or 1 x art]
28a - Tigranes [need 2 x cataphracts]
28b - Other Armenian [as above]
28d - Gordyene [as above]
39b - Celtiberian [need 6 x scutarii 3Bd]
44 - Commagene [need 2 x cataphracts]
46a - Kushan [need 2 x cataphracts]
46b - Kushan [as above]
46c - Kushan Kidarite [need 3 x cataphracts] 

 Looking at the Xyston site I found some 'likely lads' to fill in some of the gaps:

ANC20199 - Celtiberean Warriors (8:6)  £4
ANC20112 - Phokian Stone Thrower (4 crew)  £4  [other artillery is available]
ANC20285 - Parthian Cataphract Command (1stC) on Camels (3:3)  £4.50
ANC20286 - Parthian Cataphract Command (2ndC) on Camels (3:3)  £4.50
ANC20292 - Parthian Cataphracts (2ndC) on Camels (4:4)  £4.50

 Peter Pig also has: 72. Parthian cataphract camels (4)

Have found some old Minifigs that I can convert into 3 x 'Armenian' cataphracts.  So that only leaves the Chinese - maybe Essex!

Ian has the vast majority of the Romans and their enemies so that leaves only the Persians & Kappadokians that neither of us can manage.  Not a bad result and completely opposite to the Book 1 review.

 Looks like I will be painting 15mm figures in the near future!

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

In Search of...The Gasgans

Mentioned in four of the DBMM Book 1 lists: 

(4) Zagros & Anatolian Highlanders [full army]
(20) Syro-Canaanite & Ugaritic [ 2 x Irr Wb(F) ]
(22) New Kingdom Egyptian [ 4 x Wb(F) ]
(24) Hittite Empire [ ^ 9 x 2h chariots; ^ 9 x Irr Ps(O) archers or slingers; ^ 12 x Irr Wb(F) ]

Trying to search on the internet for Gasgans didn't result in much...until I put in the alternative names for these people...Kaska or Kaskians.  Even then it was pretty much only Wikipedia (and copies thereof) that gave me anything.

Seems like they wore little other than animal furs and boots.  Bows, javelins and shields were the weapons of choice but I have no doubt there would be many slingers..

Among 15mm manufacturers only Khurasan has any dedicated figures (shown above) :

Khurasan gives them skirts and the royal bodyguard a sort of Villanovan crested helmet.

If you are willing to look a little further 'abroad' there is quite a bit more information on Anatolian highlanders: [Mysterious Guti]

Warlord Games have some 'highlander' figures available but I don't know the scale (and finding out is not easy).
Other pages on Warlord Games (main site) have archers, slingers & proto-chariots.

Given that I am seeking to add 4 elements to my NKE (20mm) army I had to dive into Plastic Soldier Review for help.

HaT 8132 - Sumerian Infantry - some of the javelinmen

Both need shields adding, boots painted on and (for the Lullabi) trimming but that is do-able (even for me).  Whether I will have 12 figures in my stockpile is another matter.

HaT 8121 - Assyrian Allied Infantry - only some of the bowmen (and not suitable for the royal guard).


Just coming off my painting table are more 20mm Libyans and Nubians. As I now have a surplus of both these nations I am thinking about forming some DBA v3.0 armies.    We shall see!

Friday, 1 May 2020

Under Conversion

From Armati to DBM - carrying out a conversion.

The full Armati army - sorry about the quality of the picture.

I have started sorting out my house.  It's an ambitious project as the 'spare bedroom' is a step back into the Victorian/Edwardian era. You expect a 'very humble' shopkeeper to appear at any time. 

The main bedroom has also suffered from years of 'I'll just put it down there'.  In addition half of the attic is devoted to wargaming materials and the rest is....who knows! (I'm not that brave!).

First step was to remove all I could from the 'master bedroom' - figures going upstairs and unused books to the 'store room'.  So far, so good provided that I don't actually need to breathe in the smaller room.

Second task was to clear the walkway in the attic.  This involved putting all my figures into boxes and filing them into eras - from Ancients to WW1 (East Africa). Fantasy was tagged onto the end.  I felt rather pleased with myself for achieving that.

Third task is where I hit a road bump.  In the 'Ancients' section I sorted the biggest boxes first - 20mm Egyptian, Trojans, Sea Peoples, Medes, Assyrians and Sumerians.  I originally built out the first two to full Armati size with all the options.  Since I never really liked that set of rules those troops have languished in dark obscurity for almost two decades.  So what to do with them?

As I still play DBM the logical approach was to carry out a conversion....Hmm!  Like everything else in life nothing is ever that straightforward.  The earlier DBM NKE list diverged only slightly from Armati but the DBMM 2016 version is a new animal entirely. 

DBMM (2016)1.22 - New Kingdom Egyptian 1543 - 1069 bc

Waifs & Strays - another poor picture.

(a) Surplus to requirements (not on the DBM list):

(Hittite) 8 x 4 spearmen
(Nubian)  4 x 3 Wb(F)
(Generic) 3 x 7 Hd

(b) Compulsories - 1 have all of these except - 8 x TF   (which I can improvise).                

(c)  Optional Elements (shortfalls):

4 x 2h, 2c, LCh            
1 x Irr Lh(I)           
8 x Reg Ax(O) or Reg Bd(I)       
4 x Reg Bd(X)           
8 x Reg Bw(I)           
4 x Reg Ps(O)           
6 x (SC) Irr Ax(O)/(I) or Ps(I)   
8 x (NSC) Irr Ps(O) bow       
4 x (LPB) Irr Ps(I)           
8 x TF               
4 x Irr Bts(S) Bari           
4 x (SC) 2h, 2c LCh           
4 x (G) Irr Wb(F)           
2 x (A) Reg Ax(I)           
2 x Reg Bd(O) Shardana       
26 x Reg Bd(F)           
16 x (L) Irr Wb(F)           
16 x (S) Irr Bd(O)(F) Sherden   
20 x (SP) Irr Bd(F)                               

Of course I don't need to build out the entire army this time just a workable 450 ap.  That means I will have to paint up some Wb(F) - Libyans are the easiest. Caesar are the only manufacturer that I could find but that line has been discontinued.  After much searching on the internet I have ordered two boxes - that should give me enough for 16 x 3 Wb(F) = 48 figures.

Next job is to work out a good DBM army - maybe Chris or Andy could help there?

Keep Safe and don't go stir crazy!!!
(Wasn't there a song called "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Ha!"?

Monday, 20 April 2020

Of Chariots & Spies

6 x 4h 'Chinese' chariots Hch - converted from Early Carthaginians.  [the 'before' picture is two posts earlier].  No pretense at representing any particular dynasty they are just generic.  Of course there should be 3 crew but I cannot fit the extra bod in.

Next off the painting table will be 10 x Early Carthaginian 4h Hch (proper ones this time). 


One of the Harry Palmer series but I didn't get the vibes of that character when I was reading it.  Not one of Len Deighton's best I fear. 

Unfortunately I am nearly out of , non-PDF, reading matter but have some on order - wait and see!


Isolation has meant that I am doing various jobs that have been put off for years - clearing my garden for example.  Trouble is I have filled my garden bin - no collections until further notice and the tips are shut as well.  Bit of a log jam!

Sorting out my loft has shown just how many unpainted figures (metal and plastic) I have awaiting my attention.  Also a load of terrain pieces half done.  Have plenty of paints but many have dried out a bit.  Any suggestions as to how to resurrect them?

Anyway....on with the motley!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Some Painting Done

Yes, I have been painting again:

(a)  8 elements of Thracian peltasts - Forged in Battle WE-TH06 Thracian Light Infantry. 
[Sorry the picture is a bit dark].   I will definitely purchase the other peltasts box in due course.

I actually fielded them at the last club meeting but they were unfinished at the time (cries of Shame! Shame!). Now I have enough painted figures for a full early Thracian DBM army.  At the last battle Andy and I managed to break one enemy (Early Carthaginian) command for a winning draw.

(b)  3 elements of Hittite spearmen/pikemen - re-based & inked.  Ian did the primary painting.  Only need 1 x 2h chariot to have all the Hittite DBA options.

(c)  6 elements of 4h Chinese chariots - [picture in a previous post] - re-painting, sourcing crew, re-basing - nearly finished.

 In the queue:

- 10 elements of 4h early Carthaginian chariots - only assembly and minor touch-ups required.

After that:

- a mass of damaged figures/models in the 'repairs' box

- quite a number of part-painted figures including Carolingian cavalry & NW [Red] Indians

- a ridiculous amount of bare metal & plastic


Trying to read the Brown book on the Qajars but I much prefer a paper book in my hands to a pdf on the screen.

"Portable Colonial Wargame " by Bob Cordery - another pdf (if I like the book I will get the printed version).  Thinking about using this on a PBEM basis.


Tabletop Simulator - this weekend Steam had a half-price sale.  There is an independent group working on DBA v2.2 (and later 3.0) so, maybe, I can get some real wargaming action!

One of my New Years' Resolution was to stop being a wargaming butterfly - you can tell how well that has turned out!

Anyway...soldiering on.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

More New Arrivals

Received today another set of figures from Vexillia:

2x Mirliton RH 04 - Skirmishers with javelin and Italian shield (4 variants)
1x Mirliton RH 05 - Infantry command (4 variants)

As of today there are 2 more packs of RH04 available (and I'm tempted).  I only got 3 variants in my packs.   The infantry command is too distinctive to make it worth ordering some extras.

1x Mirliton RH 06 - Cavalry command (3 variants)
1x Mirliton RH 08 - Cavalry

The same horses are present in both packs.  In this case the command figures are not too dissimilar to the ordinary cavalry so may be worth ordering.

With my other recent acquisitions I can put together three early 'Italian' DBA armies - Latins, Romans & Etruscans.  Once painted I will be able to substitute more suitable figures into my DBM Latin army. 


In other news I have been repairing figures/models - here is a sample of the 'before':

These are very old Minifigs 'strip' figures.  Sold as Early Carthaginian 4-horse chariots with driver I am re-painting them as early 'Chinese'.  Watch this space.......

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Recruiting a DBN Ottoman Army (Pt.1)

RN012 - Sarika Arquebusier
Most of the DBN list I can fudge from my existing DBM armies - Ottoman Turks and various Arabs.  The exceptions are musket armed figures and artillery:

2 - Ms(M)    Janissaries   
1 - Ms(M)    Sekhans
12 figures

0-1 - Ms          Bostancia guard        
0-2 - Ms(M)    Janissaries           
0-1 - LI(M)     Janissaries           
0-2 - Ms          Nizam               
0-4 - Ms(M)    Sekhans               
0-2 - Jg            Rayas           
0-2 - LI(M)     Derbents
45 figures

0-1 - HA          French trained Art   
0-2 - FA(M)     Artillery


So scouting around figure manufacturers I turned up the following:

     (Old Glory figures)
     Standard Packs contain approximately 50 infantry, or 16 cavalry, or 6 guns with
     24 crew, or 45 foot command  figures.


[The pack size is obviously for grand-scale Napoleonics...still if I went for all the musket options!]


     [I think that these infantry are 6 to a pack]

RN05 - Janissaries, handgun
RN012 (see top) - Sarika, arquebus (fez-like hat)  [may be usable as Qajar Persian]

RN013 - Arnaut/Martheloses, musket (turban-ish hat)  [looks slightly more irregular]

RN015 - Persian/Azab handgunner (different hat)

RNO17 - Artillerymen
RXE10 - Eastern medium bombard
RXE12 - Eastern light cannon


     (Venexia figures.)

OT 23 - Janissaries with muskets (campaign dress) (8 Figures)

OT 34 - Serbian, Croat or Bosnian musketeers (8 Figures) [slightly different hats]

OT 41 - Heavy Artillery and crew (3 Crew & Gun)
OT 42 - Light Artillery and crew (3 Crew & Gun)


More research needs to be done to find the best matches.  Once I have done that I will post again.