Friday, 8 March 2019

Dr Who Books

It's been a while since I last posted - illness and RL getting in the way.  The reports of my death are....premature.  So on with the motley.

Whilst laid up I have finished some books:

(1)  "Revolt in the Desert" by T.E.Lawrence - an abridged version of "Seven Pillars of Wisdom". 

Somewhat self-aggrandising, overtly literary and, at times, disjointed.  The book is more atmosphere than detail - illustrating a series of skirmishes and political intrigue.  Not much use for the average wargamer.

(2) "Dr Who and the Auton Invasion" by Terence Dicks

A tale of the Pertwee Doctor featuring UNIT.  Both sides are trying to recover 'meterorites" so that the Autons can/cannot take over the Earth.  Straightforward stuff that would easily translate into a tabletop skirmish game.

(3)  "Dr Who and the Ribos Operation" by Ian Marter
A tale of two con men and a deposed despot.  Tom Baker being his usual self.  Much of the action takes place in a mausoleum so more useful as a dungeon crawler rather than a wargame.

(4)  "Dr Who and the War Games" by Malcolm Hulke
For this blog I asked myself "which Doctor is it" and was unable to give an answer.  Of  course I could look it up - Jamie and Zoe as companions - but what a vanilla Doctor!  Aliens recruiting and selecting soldiers from Earth's past.  I vaguely remember the tv episodes which were quite entertaining.  This book does the Doctor no favours.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

A New Period - Jacobite Rebellion (part 1)

So I'm starting the new year with a new period - The Jacobite Rebellions 1689 - 1745.

With these two boxes arriving at my door (and my existing stock of foot figures) I have something to fight with.

Initially this box will provide just  some 'government' artillery.

Next some mounted troops for both sides - nominally 'dragoons'.  

Still looking for some suitable Jacobite 'light horse' though.

For rules I am starting out by using the DBA-HX variant "De Bellis Jacobitis" by David G. Medlock & Troy D. Stair. As these free rules seem to have dissapeared from the webiverse here are the army lists:

Government:    1 General, 1x3 Shooting Warband, 3x3 Dragoons, 1x1 Cannon,
                         7x4 Muskets  [31 foot, 10 horse, 1 art]

Jacobites:    1 General, 1x2 Light Horse, 1x3 Dragoons, 1x4 Muskets,
                    9x3 Shooting Warband  [31 foot, 6 horse]

These are for the 1745 conflict so I needed to look in DBA-RRR for the earlier revolt(s) and government forces for the period 1688 to 1691.

Searching the net I found another set of rules - "Jacobite Rules" by Graham Cookson and Gus Merchie.  The army lists are generic (rather than time specific) and the rules completely different to DBJ.  Extra detail on units, tartans, etc.  Look interesting and worth a try.

I also found a blogger who has posted a number of entries on the subject as well as many 20mm conversions:

Painting of foot is under way and my new additions in 'chemical processing'.

DBA v3 - played 3 games versus Ian recently:
Ch'in Chinese (2.4) v Hsiung-Nu (2.38a) - 5:0 win - the terrain helped a lot.

Western Franks (3.52) v Nikephorian Byzantine (3.65) - 3:4 loss - all those double-based bow and knights were just too much.

Northern Dynasties Chinese (2.79a) v Kushan (2.46c) - 4:3 win - a 'narrow run thing'.

DBN - Austrians (1813-14) v Prussians - 7:2 win - some strange outcomes here - Ian's flank attack by hussars was blown away by two musket stands.  I lost my artillery to a counter battery dual (only need to beat opponent's dice roll).  Maybe v2 has more nuances?

Damn Battleships Again - found a carton of mixed WW1 & WW2 models in my Renaissance plastics box (where else!!!).  Only around half of them were annotated so I consulted two club experts.  Based a few loose items up and now have to paint the sea (plus wake) to match the others.
According to the rules I need some civilian craft as obstacles - might look in Junior General to find some top-down models!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Back On Line At Last!

Computer Woes

In early December my hard drive failed.  I took the computer to the shop only to be told that the motherboard was cracked and consequently of no use.

After much mithering (Yorkshire expression) I purchased a second-hand unit with Win 10 pre-installed. 

Approx 70% of the old HD data can be recovered plus recourse to various backups.  This work will take some time.


Not much has been happening with the club closed down from the 15th Dec to Jan 7th.

Due to play DBA v3 this coming Wednesday.

Doing some research on the Jacobites.  Have read the Osprey title and found it lacking in depth.  Seem to recall that there was a WRG title covering the period - anybody remember it?

New Year Resolutions (regarding this blog)

Mr Dean is planning to start a club blog early in the new year so I think my reporting of WDW games can go there rather than here in future.

As I enjoy playing DBA-RRR I am thinking about putting more information up.  Trouble is this blog does not have the capacity to host documents so maybe I will be moving  in due course!

Anyway.......I wish all my readers/viewers a




Thursday, 25 October 2018

Thracians et al

15 elements of Thracians from a plethora of manufacturers.  Only the centre front element is a regular.  These figures were hurriedly painted for the 15th October as I didn't have enough.  The earliest option has some Ax(O) upgraded to Ax(S) by adding a long spear.  Less that two of my elements fit the bill so I'm still looking for suitable alternatives.  Maccabean Jewish maybe!

My current reading - yer ak-tu-al lit-rature - abridged version though.  Interesting writing style.  Will review in due course.

With the arrival of more plastic figures I am being tempted by this (new) period.  The lack of suitable Turkish troops may, however, hold me back.

Round Up

Saturday 6th October 2018 - Gt.Houghton

4 games of DBA v3.0:

(1)  2.22 Arabo-Aramaen v 2.19a Early Seleucid - the terrain fell in my favour - 1:4 win.

(2)  3.25b Arab Conquest v 3.29 Thematic Byzantine - I tried to hide my Blades on the hills but I needn't have feared the enemy cavalry - my bad - 4:0 loss.

(3)  4.44 Mamluke Egyptian v 4.17 Later Crusdader - poor melee dice (3 ones in a row for 3 kills) - 4:0 loss.

(4)  2.15 Alexandrian Imperial v 2.3a Classical Indian - I managed to restrict the movement of Ian's forces - 1:5 win.

One game of DBN - Prussians v Spanish - lucky dice on my part - 1:5 win.

Monday 8th October 2018 - WDW

Franco-Prussian war - continuation of last week's scrap - "1871" rules
ACW Ironclads - practice game run by John Smith
DBM - Sung Chinese v Mongols.  The Sung Wb were annihilated but the game timed out in a draw.

Monday 15th October 2018 - WDW

"1871" Battle of Beaumont (Franco-Prussian War)
DBM - Thracians v Scythians - on paper this was an even match-up but my poor deployment resulted in a 7:3 defeat.  The C-in-C's command had to take on two enemy forces, plus our flank march took ages to arrive.  Not a good day.

Saturday 20th October 2018 - WDW

Napoleonic (Chris)
ACW Ironclads (John Smith)

I didn't attend this meeting and nobody has reported back to me.  Hopefully further details will arrive with the pidgeon post.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

..And Then Two Came Along At Once (part 2)

Saturday 15th September 2018 - WDW

Bolt Action (WW2) in the pacific theatre:

"In a lookout post on a small island off the coast of Manila in June 1942, a sleepy spotter was roused into action by the distant whirring of the engines of a flotilla of Japanese landing craft. He immediately radioed this news to the nearby US base who promptly dispatched a battalion of marines to the beach area. By now the Japanese task force were landing and overhead came the thunder of their first naval bombardment. This stunned the newly arrived marines but they soon rallied to engage the Japanese in deadly close quarter combat. They were slowly thrown back by the overwhelming force of frenzied fanatic warriors.

 Marine reinforcements arrived only to be confronted by the second naval bombardment which once again stemmed their progress! By now a second Japanese force was arriving on the US right flank, taking the thinly spread defenders by surprise and quickly captured the first of their objectives - the bridge over the river Kwai! The battle had intensified and all along the marine lines and the counter attack was being repulsed. Spear armed fanatics were being mown down by their progress was unabatted!  Motorised units struggled to penetrate the dense jungle of the island`s hinterland and hopes of a quick victory was evaporating.

After 6 hours of bitter fighting, the marines were forced to retreat and conceded the conquest of the island to the imperial forces of Japan. The Americans were left to lick their wounds and regroup for the battles ahead.
So ended the first engagement played by members of the Wakefield and Ossett wargames club on Saturday 15th September using Warlord Games Bolt Action rules.

Those involved were - John Dean, Ian Harris, Dave Churm, Andy Smith, Andy Gledhill, Jim Ellis, Stu Lowe, Richard Lawrence & Mike Yewdell.

Thanks to John Smith`s [for his] excellent landing craft models and Ian`s buildings."

Photos are on the WDW Facebook pageReport by Mr Dean.

Renaissance - "Baroque" rules:

"Andrew and Tim played a pick-up game of "Baroque", organised by Chris and loosely based on Mohacs, with Andrew as Hungarian and Tim as the Turks. Working on the basis numbers had been exaggerated, the Turkish army was slimmed down somewhat.

The Turkish foot drew up on a low range of hills, with all the cavalry on their left. The Hungarians drew up with foot in the front line, and mounted behind each flank.

They had a lot of difficulty getting their cavalry out, giving the Turks an excellent opportunity to destroy them. "Unit of the match" award goes to a Landsknecht musketeer unit, which warped probability disgracefully, seeing off several overwhelming attacks, and buying time for the rest of the army.

Eventually numbers and quality told, and the Turkish horse began to break in to the Hungarians' formation. On the other flank, the Hungarian nobility made heavy weather of breaking in to the Turkish line; however, they managed it eventually; and this was very much the position when we drew stumps, with each army winning on its left. A clash between the Hungarian pike and the A-class Janissaries in the  middle would have been decisive; sadly, we timed out.

We were very impressed with the rules, and intend another big battle (24 or so units a side) later in the year."

Report by Chris Jackson.


..And Then Two Came Along At Once (part 1)

I know ...doesn't post anything for ages then...

Painted at last - as 'generic' Carolingian medium cavalry.  These early Sarmatians have languished in my spares tin for decades.  On their first outing (as Croats would you believe) they did OK. 

The Dark Ages has never had much appeal for me - row upon row of Irr Sp(O) and, even worse, Irr Sp(I).  The thought of having to paint so much crud leaves me cold. 

Still......after having to re-base my Celts from Wb(F) to Wb(O) recently I looked again at the Book 3 army lists.   There is a need for Irr Wb(O).  I wonder if some judicious painting might provide sufficient disguises!

Round Up - for Saturday 15th September see part 2

Monday 24th September 2018 - WDW

"Sink One & Sea" - ACW Ironclads
Villers-Bretoneux 1870 (FPW) - "1871" rules
Bolt Action - WW2 Germans v Americans
DBM - Samurai v Tuaregs - mutual destruction with  both armies breaking in the same bound.

Monday 1st October 2108 - WDW

DBMM - Marian Roman v Han Chinese
Villepion 1870 (Franco-Prussian War) - "1871" rules
DBM - Carolingian v Avar.  After both sides failed to get a waterway the terrain favoured us (steep hills on the flanks).  As C-in-C I threw the opening dice - two of our commands got a one - sigh!

"Jim the Barbarian", true to form, charged forward on the Avar's left flank but came a cropper against some Ps(S).  Only 4 elements lost though.

It was the Avar centre that collapsed with some unlucky dice (and uncharacteristically good ones for me).  Half the Avar army gone by 20.30 hrs and only one element on our side (my command of course).

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Fighting Off the Siren Calls

The new dancing season has started and I already have 6 bookings this month.  The prep work takes up too much of my valuable wargaming time.  I didn't manage to get to the Saturday library 'gig' or even to the club yesterday.  Painting has ground to a halt in spite of the fact that I have a number of cavalry 90% done.  Let's hope that things ease up a bit!


Monday 27th August 2018 - WDW

Bolt Action - Japanese v British in the pacific
Oregan (boardgame) - I came second again.
DBM - Early Byzantine v Ummayid Arabs.  When the clash of Kn(F) came I threw only ones and twos.  Andy managed fives and sixes.

Monday 3rd September 2018 - WDW

Bolt Action - Americans v Germans (WW2)
Napoleonic Naval - Trafalgar rules
DBM - Early Burgundian v Free Company - a hard scrap with, once again, one of my commands breaking (six bowmen in one round).  The EBs are pretty resilient so we managed to erode the enemy sufficiently to see them off.  A 7:3 victory.

Saturday 8th September - Horbury Library

Napoleonic naval batle - no details yet.

Monday 10th September 2018 - WDW

Bolt Action - Japanese v Americans in the pacific theatre
ACW Naval (rules unknown)
DBM - Early Burgundians v Later Hungarians.  Andy fielded Bw(I) against Ben's Bw(S)!!!!! 4 of the WWg were also shot down.  A 10:0 win for the Burgundians.