Saturday, 14 April 2018

Bits & Bobs

I finally got around to finishing off the two Chinese chariots that Chris sold me (except for the bases):

This releases 2 of my 'dual use' 4h chariots to the early Carthaginians.

Still working on my Incas - long job with all those chequered patterns.

Round Up
 Monday 2nd April 2018 - WDW

Thinly attended meeting - bank holiday and pouring rain (of course).

Kings of the Battlefield - Hanoverians plus other 'German' states v French
WW1 6mm Mesopotamia - DBA variant No.1

Monday 9th April 2018 - WDW

Square Bashing - Austrians v Italians 1915
Kings of the Battlefield - Malburian
WW1 6mm - DBA variant No.2
DBM - Sha-t'o Turkish v Khurasanian - only picked the Turks because they were on the facing page.  Threw good combat dice to break the enemy centre. It was Andy's first foray into 'proper' Arabs.  He will, no doubt, alter his army composition and try again later. 

Slingshot 316:
Part 1 of an article by Nicholas Spratt - "Holiday in Cambodia" Many photos of the Bayon Galleries - interesting.

Otherwise a bit of a yawn - battles of Paraetacene, Chalons & Ad Decimum. 

Can't help thinking that the Society of Ancients / Slingshot has lost it's way.  In the 70s & 80s it was a resource for information hungry wargamers.  It provided a sense of camerarderie, even a community of sorts.  Now the internet is the first goto for obscure military information. 

Slingshot needs to find a niche.  I would suggest that extended battle reports would be better placed on the website / blog.  The internet is incredibly useful but much of its data is superficial (and access can be restricted).  Maybe more original research should be published.

Sad to say that I will not be renewing my subscription.

Saturday 14th April 2018 - Gt. Houghton

3 rounds of DBA v3.0

1)  Sea Peoples v Trojans - 4:0 to me
2)  Pre-Feudal Scots v Anglo-Danish - 5:0 win but a cagey fight until the end.
3)  Early Egyptian v Nubian - 3:5(7) loss. There was a point where we were 3:3 and I attacked a 3Bd with 2 x Horde and a Ps.  One Horde was on the flank but Ian escaped.  After that he killed both hordes plus two more elements.  The dice gods are ever capricious. 

This was the first outing for my 20mm 'biblical' plastics in quite some years.  The Egyptians were built as a full Armati, New Kingdom, army including all options.  For the earlies I had to improvise some horde from Hittites - that I only seem to have 8 x spearmen for!

Looks like I will have to unearth my stache of unpainted 'biblicals' to see if I can improve the situation.   Oh well - just another line of soldiers to paint - sigh!


4 scenarios for Saga - "Rescue the Hostage", "When you can’t pillage burn",  "I just want to get home" and "Death in a Tight Place".

Aldi purchase - 1 metre x 2 metre grass mat £6.99 - a hell of a lot better than the green paper that I have been using for test games.  Ideally it would have been 3' x 4' but you have to blame europe for something.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Motley Crew (part 1)

Z 219 - Z 222 - Z 223 - Z 225 - Z226

Z 234 - Z 238 - Z240

Big Al brought along some mixed Dark Ages 15mm figures to try to sell them - the box lid had this message:  "74 (virtually weaponless!) old minifigs - but very patient person with 'Micro-Drill' may well make something of them.  £5 for the lot (6-8p per figure).  Will be 'binned' if no sale.  Box must be returned."

Needless to say there were no takers.  Rather than going into the bin I offered to sort them out at a reduced price - Al gave them to me for nowt.

Some were on multiple bases (2, 3 or 4) and many were singles.  The first tasks were to separate, clean up and identify.  After consulting an old Minifigs catalogue I came up with the following:

1 x Z 219 - Ottonian HI, sp, pointed shield
4 x Z 222 - Viking huscarl, axe
1 x Z 223 - Viking Bondi, sp
4 x Z 225 - Vikikn berserk, sw
4 x Z 226 - Viking ulfhednar, sp
7 x Z 234 - Anglo-Saxon speaman in cap
1 x Z 238 - Saxon select fyrd, sp
20 x Z 240 - Late Saxon huscarl, axe

42 out of 74 identified so far.  I will now have to consult "Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066" by Ian Heath to work out the rest.

Obviously this project is going to take some time.  First priority will be the Vikings as I can use them in my growing Welsh army.  The one Ottonian will probably get donated to the club.

Round Up

Monday 26th March 2018 - WDW

N.W. Frontier (Afghans v Brits) - "The Men Who Would Be Kings"
"Liberte" - boardgame - politics & intrigue in revolutionary France
DBM - Later Carthaginian v Patrician Roman - once again I held on magnificently to my assigned flank whilst my C-in-C crashed and burned.  Such is life!

Thursday 29th March 2018 - Halifax

Went to Halifax Modeller's World but only picked up one box of 1/72nd figures:

HaT 8128 - The Assyrian Army

This will go into the 'stock pile' to swell the numbers of unpainted plastics.

Seems that HMW is swerving towards the 1/32 (or 1/35) scale figures these days.  If I wanted those I would take the much shorter journey to Pontefract.

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Caught up with TA & Co output - two more DBA v3.0 games:

Athenians vs.Early Achaemenid Persians -

Lombards vs. Magyars -

Thursday 5th April 2018

Whilst trawling on the Internet I found a post about the new version of Saga:

Saga 1 vs Saga 2 : Main differences spotted so far (31/3/18)

Sunday, 25 March 2018


WG41 - Indian rathamassaula

As some of you may know DBMM v2.0 army lists have made a number of alterations.  One of which is the downgrading of Chinese warwagons from O to X.  There has been some discussion on the DBA Fanaticus forum.

OK, so this means a new battlefield role - no more shooting platforms to block off a flank.  WWg(X) are hand-pushed carts - they can make contact and are not easily beaten by elephants.  Don't know quite what to do with them at the moment.

Another problem is a lack of suitable models.  I'm still searching. 

Whilst at Vapnartak I was talking to the (always helpful) proprietor of Museum Miniatures and he suggested the Indian rathamasaula as a starting point.  So where do I go from here?

Two of these illustrations suggest a single, central wheel but I suspect that this is more artistic convention than reality.  They are also considerably larger (9 crew !!!).

The final two are of more conventional carts (3 crew).

 In order to get from the Indian to the Chinese I need to change the crew (more oriental looking) and the wheels (spoked).  After that it's down to scratch-building.  It's likely that the screens were paper anyway.

Weekly Roundup

 Not a lot as there was no Monday meeting.

Some Napoleon in Egypt additions from the "1866 and all that" website:

28th Regiment of Foot (British)
British in Egypt Project Kicks Off
Generals and Emigres (British)
More British in Egypt 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Some Painting At Last

As the snow was pelting down yesterday I managed to finish off four bases of Aztecs:

There is a motley crew of figures on my paint table at the moment including more Meso-Americans (mainly Incas), WWg(X), Welsh cavalry, early Carthaginian chariots, Chinese chariots and some Vikings.  Maybe I will finish them off at some date in the future!!!

Anyway...whilst searching for more information on Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign I came across another blogger:

History in 1/72

85eme Demi-Brigade de Ligne
Delhi light horse
Dromedar Corps Egypt 1799
Dromedaries (painted)
French foot
French grenadiers
Napoleon in Egypt
Napoleonic Turkish army
Nizam I Cedid
Ottoman army of the Napoleonic period
Ottoman army, more info
Turkish Napoleonic army

Now I'm researching the Incas, trying to find out how to best use the figures I have.  Cannot find anyone who manufactures a litter in 20mm (or suitable carrying figures for conversion/scratch building).

Weekly Roundup

Monday 12th March 2018 - WDW

French v Prussians - Age of Eagles - practice for Saturday's big game.
Germans v Americans - WW2 - Andrew's rules
DBM - Philistines v Medes - victory to the Medes after a bit of a struggle - nice to be on the winning side for a change.
DBMM - Alexander Imperial v Later Carthaginians - competition practice

Saturday 17th March 2018 - WDW

Eylau 1807 - French v Russians & Prussians - Age of Eagles - the big game run by Chris
"History of the World" - boardgame - a three hander where I came last (by a big margin)
"Braggart" - card game - great fun - my first game and I came last....but there was only 6 points between all of us.

Looks like Sunday is going to become my blogging day for the forseable future - too much is going on on Thursdays at the moment.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Big Battle DBA v 3.0

Saturday 10th March 2018 - Gt. Houghton

This is the first time that  I have played this variant.  DBA Version 3.0 rules has imposed DBMM dice allocation. 

I took my "Hellenistics" tin along and fielded the army of Antigonos Gonatos.  The inclusion of a Spartan Greek ally was to get a Lh element (AG has none).  My only other option was to take either 4 x 4Wb or 4 x 4Ax. 

Ian had Lysimachid - very similar army but no elephants.

Given the terrain my right wing were given the lowest dice, the centre the highest and the allied command was random.  Ian decided to lead with his left, support with the centre and refuse the right. 

My central attack was successful breaking the opposition (in spite of loosing an elephant).  The two flanks were in trouble at times with my right eventually crumbling.  Intervention by the 'spare' troops, from the centre command broke Ian's right flank.  Game over.

Strangely enough victorious troops are not required to pursue.  Broken troops cannot make any aggressive move(s) - they can only be held or flee.

I made several mistakes including double-ranking my spears and forgetting about side supports.  The Wb and elephants were pretty useless.

An interesting experiment - don't know if I will be in a hurry to repeat it!!!

Game Two:  DBA v3.0 - AG (again) v Gauls.  A steep hill allowed me to close down half the board with a few Aux & Ps.  I massed my remaining troops on the left and overwhelmed the enemy - 4:0. This time the elephant did it's job.

Weekly Roundup:

Monday 5th March - WDW

"Black Orchestra" - boardgame - trying to assassinate Hitler
"King of the Battlefield" - Prussians v others (a mixture)
"Age of Eagles" - French v Prussians
DBM - Early Armenians v Han Chinese - my army had plenty of Aux but all the terrain ended up in my opponent's half of the table.  Still, I had overwhelming numbers so I pushed forward.  The dice gods were not smiling upon me this day - neither in movement nor fighting.  Two of my commands broke.  Their losses were in single figures.

Saturday 10th March 2018 - Horbury Library

Andrew was conducting an ACW game.  I was required elsewhere (see above).

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Books & Magazines

Ian came in on Monday with a pile of books he was selling off cheap.  I snapped up this one.  Given my 'butterfly mind' it was a dangerous purchase - it might have taken me down some dark purchasing alleys.  Luckily the book is so superficial that it is nothing but a starting point.

I have a passing interest in the period.  This is the old 1974 book - it has been replaced by a two-volume issue.

Finally...Chris brought in a book for me to read -
"Bonaparte in Egypt" by J.Christopher Herold
Pub: Hamish Hamilton 1962 - 424 pages.  More on this later.


Napoleon in Egypt - part 4(a) - Magazines

I searched through my wargames magazines collection to find the following:

"An Egyptian Episode" - Ramanieh 1801
by Arthur Harman - MW 68 pp18-22
2 x b/w maps, 1 x cp, 1 x wp
background, briefings

"The Battle of Aboukir 1799"
by Mark Bevis - MW 144 pp48-51
1 x b/w map, 2 x cp, 1 x b/w ill (turks)
battle, terrain

"The British Army in Egypt"
by Stephen Ede-Borrett - WI 42 pp38-39/41-42
1 x wp
introduction, organisation, uniforms

"Death on the Nile" - part 1: French campaign in Egypt 1798-9
by Gary Hughes - WI 113 pp42-43/46-47
2 x b/w maps
background, gaming options, uniforms & appearance

"Death on the Nile" - part 2: French campaign in Egypt and the Levant
by Gary Hughes - WI 115 pp30-33
Mount Tabor, Bonaparte's Departure, gaming possibilities

"Death on the Nile" - part 3: French in Egypt 1800-1
by Gary Hughes - WI 118 pp26-30
3 x b/w maps
naval forces, uniforms & appearance, gaming possibilities

"The French Campaign in Egypt 1798-80" - part 1: Historical Introduction
by Stephen Ede-Borrett - WI 34 pp30-34
French Order of Battle

"The French Campaign in Egypt 1798-80" - part 2: French Army Uniforms
by Stephen Ede-Borrett - WI 35 pp30-32
2 x b/w ill
infantry, cavalry, changes

"The French Campaign in Egypt 1798-80" - part 3: French Standards & Colours
by Stephan Ede-Borrett - WI 36 pp22-23
2 x b/w ill
cavalry, infantry

Key:  b/w = black & white
          ill = illustration(s)
          cp = colour photographs
          wp = 'wargamers porn'
          MW = Miniature Wargames
         WI = Wargames Illustrated


Weekly Roundup

Saturday 17th February 2018 - WDW  [more details]

Napoleonic - Novi 1799 - Russians & Austrians v French
Colonial - British & Egyptians v Dervishes - "Men Who would Be Kings"
"Oregan" & "Revolution" boardgames

Monday 26th February 2018 - WDW

"King of the Battlefield" - Bavarians v French
"Fire & Steel" skirmish - ACW
DBMM - Carthaginians v Persians
DBM - Tuareg v Welsh - victory for the arab warbands - but only just.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Napoleon in Egypt - part 3(b)

No posting last week as I was down with some horrible lergy.

Whilst idling at the keyboard I did come across another blog featuring Napoleon in Egypt (and WW1 East Africa).

1866 and all that...

3rd Dragoons
4e & 22e DBL
6 Horse Limber
7e Regt de Hussars
22e DBL & Artillery
22nd Chasseurs a Cheval & Palm trees
75e DBB
85th & 88th DBB & Artillery
85th DB & Artillery
85th DBB & Oasis
88e DBB & Dromedaries
88eme DBL & Generals
Camel artillery with Ottoman driver
Camel limbers & Artillery
Dromedaries (dismounted), regiment of
Dromedaries (mounted), regiment of
Dromedary unit, mounted
Egyptian Ruins - part 1
Egyptian Ruins - part 2
Egyptian Ruins - part 3 (final)
Egyptian Village - part 1
French Army Parade
Lead (and Plastic) Pile

These are not the blog entry headings but rather the main (Nap) items within.  The painted figures are mainly metals or Perry plastics.

Wargaming  Roundup (2 weeks this time):

Monday 12th February 2018 - WDW

"Lost Battalion" WW2 boardgame
Impetus - Indians v Persians in 365 bc
"King of the Battlefield" - French v Hessians & Hanoverians
DBM - Pyrrhic v Antigonos One-Eye - Chris lost the cavalry battle on our right flank whilst I struggled to hold the left.

Saturday 17th February 2018 - WDW

I wasn't there so only limited information available at this stage.

"Oregan" boardgame
One other boardgame

Monday 19th February 2018 - Wrenthorpe

DBM - Early Crusader v Syrian - I managed to break the Armenian ally but Al went down to the warband assault.