Monday, 16 July 2018

Gad Sir! The Heat!

Getting on with the vikings but the heat makes life difficult in so many ways.  Still I have managed to fit in some wargaming activities.

Monday 2nd July 2018 - WDW

DBA v2.2 - two games between Tim & Jim using medievals (basically WoR & French Ordinance).  Honours were even.

DBM 3.2 - Early Crusader v Syrian (an actual historical match-up). No Chris again as he's glued to the box (England were playing).   

I had the crusader left where a flank march turned up on the second bound.  Al thought that the game was over and that we would be rolled up.  Robin Hood must have been in our ranks as I fought off the enemy horse in spite of being 'sandwiched' a number of times.  Al also shot off many of the attacking Wb(F) in the centre. 

Inevitably the Wb eventually broke through our Sp (so C-in-C's command gone).  Our glorious leader desperately charged the Wb (with some side supports) breaking that command.  So a 6:4 defeat for us but a good game.

Sunday 8th July 2018 - Halifax

In spite of the queues for the Antiques Road Show I managed to get into the model shop.  Wisely I had let the train take the strain as parking can be difficult at the best of times.  Anyway..I purchase 3 boxes from (what seems to be) a dwindling stockpile of 1/72nd figures.

Imex 515 - Mexican Cavalry at the Alamo - this will join my small stock for this period.

Strelets M068 - French Line Infantry in Egypt - much needed opposition for the Turks.  Very difficult to remove from the sprue resulting in a number of breakages.

HaT 8130 Sumerian Chariots - 3 chariots in a box big enough for 6. 

Monday 9th July 2018 - WDW

"Forager" - Napoleonic card-driven skirmish game
"Wings of War" - WW2 Brits v Germans
Sc-Fi in 6mm - Andy's rules

DBM - Hatrene (Arabo-Aramaean) v Early Tamil Indian - Al's shooting wasn't so good this time and his command eventually broke.  However...all 3 Hatrene generals had managed to inflict sufficient casualties to break the Tamil army.

Saturday 14th July 2018 - Horbury Library

More outreach games - this time Romans v Barbarians (Celts).  I played 2 games (of 6mm) turning the Roman flanks both times.  When I left the game had been 'fudged' with the Romans now able to occupy the entire ridge.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Postman Cometh

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Received a delivery from Alternative Armies:

1 x VNT27  Coatl Winged Serpent
3 x ARC7  Arab Camel Spearmen
3 x ME8a  Welsh Long Spear and Shield
1 x Druidess

I have been looking at the Winged Serpent for some time now but baulked at the £5 p&p charge.  The 10% discount on all figures (plus a free bonus figure) pushed me over the edge to place an order. 

Coatl Winged Serpent - in 4 parts - body, 2 x wings, crest.  This is destined for a HotT army (Aztec-ish) - maybe as a god or a behemoth.  Very nice sculpt (look on their website for a painted version).

Arab camel spearmen - OK - too many flash lines and unimaginative pose.  Will probably not buy any more of these but stick to Peter Pig.

Welsh long spear and shield - useful upright figures that will provide greater variety in my growing Welsh army. 

Druidess - plastic figure - nice sculpt - maybe for a HotT army as an ally.

Service was quick and the figures well packed.  The stamps amounted to £1.40.  Given the excessively high charge for p&p I can't see me using their mail order service again - pity!

Round Up

Saturday 16th June 2018 - WDW

Age of Eagles - Durnstein 1805 (NE Austria) - Chris to provide report.

Monday 25th June 2018 - WDW

DBM - Syrian v Wars of the Roses (Lancs) - a close run game with the Lancastrians winning. 
Spearhead - Dutch & British v Russians (near future).
Germania Magna - tile & card game.  A frustrating game.  I struggled to pick up warriors for most of the game and when I did I no longer had the money to activate them.  Maybe it would be better with more players and/or tweaking the gold & tribal cards set-up.

Saturday 30th June 2018 - Gt. Houghton

More DBA v3.0 gmes:
(1)  Dacians v Gauls (0:4 loss) - we both made mistakes on this game but mine were fatal.
(2)  Early Sumerian v Zagros Mountaineers (3:4 win)
(3)  Umbrians v Samnites (4:0 loss)
(4)  Belisarian Byzantines v Italian Ostrogothic (0:5 win) - in this game the infantry (bar one Wb) were mere observers.  Ian attacked with double-ranked Lh but they failed to break my cavalry. 
(5)  War of the Roses (Lambert Simnel) v French Ordinance (4:1 loss) - my single victory was from shooting.  Otherwise once the Kn got in it was carnage.  With Kn quick-killing everything I had there was no way to win.  In theory Kn are killed on a draw - there were none.

Incidentally - TA & Co have three more DBA v3.0 games on their site:

Feudal Spanish v Fanatic Berber
Koguryo Korean v Tang Chinese
Hindu Indian v Rajputs

Friday, 22 June 2018

More Scraps from the (paint) Table

Realising my need for 3-to-a-base archers I purchased these at Partizan, Newark.  Turns out that most of them are, in fact, crossbowmen.  As DBM does not differentiate between bows this is not a problem for their main usage.  I will have to be more careful when playing DBA v3 though.

Still awaiting paint are the cavalry that I used on Monday plus a mass of Viking axemen.


Round Up

Saturday 16th June 2018 - WDW

Chris was running a Napoleonic game.

Monday 18th June 2018 - Wrenthorpe

A rare trip to Al's garage to play a DBM game.  I took Latins (1.55) and Al fielded Philistines.  Andy used one of his famous (and complex) deployments for our Latins.  After loosing 2/3 of our Cv(O) to Al's Cv(S) the situation didn't look good.  Our allied Volscian Wb(F) seemed unable to get up to speed and broke before they reached the Reg Sp(I) opposition.  Luckily, enough of the enemy left flank had fallen so it was a draw.  A tough fight with a tricky army to use effectively.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Scraps from the (paint) Table

3(x7) Hordes - figures from Caesar H014 Hebrew Warriors.  Built for my chariot sub-period of ancients these mobs could also be used for 'Napoleon in Egypt' or even 'WW1 in the Middle East'.

These two are for my Renaissance wargaming.  Both can be used with the  "Irregular Warfare" ruleset and the dogs also for DBA-RRR.  IR only requires one priest figure but I thought that 3 looked more the part.  Of course they both might find a place in a HotT army as well.

I  have just finished some Chinese bow/xbow (hopefully more pics next week) and started on the Vikings.  Unfortunately, the chariot project has stalled owing to a lack of suitable wheels.

Round Up

Monday 4th June 2018 - WDW

The AGM meant that only two games were played:

Oregan (boardgame) - a 4-hander with yours truly coming in third.  Still a fun game though.

King of the Battlefield - French v British in India.  Unfortunately Mr C forgot the European troops so club 'Napoleonics' had to be drafted in to fill the gaps.  The game had to be abandoned when the business meeting started.

Title:  "Bonaparte in Egypt" 
Author:  J. Christopher Herold
Pub:  Hamish Hamilton 1962
Size: 424 pages

An interesting read. 
The author is obviously not a fan of Napoleon. 
The British don't fight the French until very late in the day.
A Napoleonic pipe-dream.
Nap's lack of preparation, cares nothing for lost lives, only in it for glory, doesn't see (or want to see) the reality of the situation.

Altogether a complete farce of a campaign.

Thanks to Chris for the loan.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

DBN....and All That!

Saturday 26th May 2018 - Gt. Houghton

5 games of DBN - my first exposure to this DBA variant.

(1)  Spanish v Prussians (13 v 12 points) - I made good use of my 'extra' troops (militia only cost half a point) - 5:3 win.
(2)  Austrians v Prussians (12 points) - a bit harder but I still managed a 5:2 result.
(3)  Austrians v Prussians (18 points each)  larger numbers gave me no advantage - I went down to an ignominious 2:7 defeat.
(4)  Austrians v Prussians (12 points) - increased numbers of CV & Lh (just to see how they worked.  Mine were pretty useless - 2:5 loss.
(5)  Spanish v Prussians (13 v 12 points) - a re-run of the first battle.  It came down to the wire - a 4:5 loss.  I made poor use of my 'extras' this time.

The rules seemed to work once we got the hang of them.

 In the past I have downloaded DB Colonial from the same source -  KISR Publications - and even played a few trial games solo.  The results were entirely one-sided.  I was not impressed.

 I have since downloaded the ACW variant and read through it.  My initial thoughts were:

     (1)  a complicated set of rules.
     (2)  basing units requires careful picking of figures.
     (3)  there is a need for a number of status indicators.

Although I have a number of painted 1/72 ACW figures (mostly foot) available I will not be rushing into using these rules.  Quite a large amount of preparatory work is required first.

 This variant is for Middle East conflicts such as in Mesopotamia. Having recently purchased a few 'Lawrence of Arabia' foot figures I may wander that way.  Alternatively they may be adaptable to East or West Africa!

The 3 page AWI download was certainly not worth $4.  Nothing but tables - no background - nada. Given that the similar Franco-Prussian wars sheets are free it begs the question "what am I paying for?".   Also...Regular cavalry...really!!! 



Saturday 19th May 2018 - WDW

A big Seven Years War in India game.

Monday 28th May 2018 - WDW

Spearhead 6mm Modern - Russians v Dutch & British - victory for the allies.
DBM - Xi-Xia v Early Samurai - Andy ploughed his Kn(F) into the opposition breaking the enemy centre (and loosing all but one of his horsemen).  Not long after that the Samurai left command broke as well.  I had spent my time 'corner-sitting' and messing around with Lh(S) - oh well!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Just back from Partizan, Newark

Approx 40 miles each way and my car's transmission starting complaining half-way down.  Still I made it there and back.  So what was my haul?

Picked this up for the princely sum of £3.

Two boxes of plastics found their way into my satchel:

1 x Caesar Miniatures - Orc Warriors (set 2) - this time in a reasonable tone of green
1 x Strelets - British Line Infantry in Egypt

Finally a few 15mm figures and some mdf items:

4 x bags 7mm square frames (for tiny dice)
2 x packs 40mm x 40 mm mdf squares [wrong size - I wanted 60 x 60 - my bad!]
8 x Museum Miniatures - Chinese archers
16 x Essex - Chinese archers
1 x unknown - 2 horse, 2 crew Chinese chariot

As usual the show was noisy (like being in an aircraft hanger), hot and a bit smelly.  Plenty of eye candy but somehow feeling a bit 'sterile' and 'colourless'.  The show may have suffered from 'Hammerhead' being there only 3 weeks before!


 Round Up  [quite a lot this time as I have been occupied elsewhere for a few weeks].

Monday 30th April 2018 - WDW

DBMM - Kharakhanid v Wars of the Roses (Lancs)
DBM - Hindu Indian v Early Byzantines - another disasterous outing
Oregan (boardgame)
Congo - Imperials v Natives
Square Bashing - Italians v Austro-Hungarians 1916

Saturday 5th May 2018 - Janco Toys

One of my rare visits to this shop (it's way on the other side of Barnsley at Worsborough).  Purchased some inks and brushes.  Saw some stunning female customers in the Asda opposite (made me wish that I was young again).

Monday 7th May 2018 - WDW

7YW in India - Brits v French (Kings of the Battlefield)
Caesar's War (boardgame) x 2
Conflict of Heroes (WW2) - boardgame
DBM - Spring & Autumn Chinese v Neo-Babylonian - another ignominous defeat with 9 of 10 Kn(O) being destroyed.

Saturday 12th May 2018 - Horbury Library

The WDW outreach crew were playing WW1 Aerial dog fights.  We had one lady come over to our table and that was all.  Still the four of us enjoyed our game.

Monday 14th May 2018 - WDW

Spearhead - Modern Russians v British
Sun Tzu (boardgame)
DBM - Neo-Babylonian (Andy's version) v Spring & Autumn Chinese (Mk.2) - Ben decided the set up with the two Kn commands on our left and centre plus the large warband on the right.  A smaller Bd(I) command was to hold the right flank behind a wood.  Yours truly managed to throw a '1' for the allied warband which kept it out of the use for most of the battle.  Meanwhile my Reg Bd(F) crunched into the opposing Bw(X)/Bw(O) and demolished it.  Chris was not far behind in breaking the Bedouin allies.  What a contrast to the previous scrap.

Saturday 19th May 2018 - WDW

The Saturday gamers were playing but at this stage I don't know what.  Perhaps in the future dear readers........


Post script:  I have been working on some chariots recently.  They are 20mm plastic conversions that should be fit to come into the daylight soon.. 

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Incas, Nubians & Napoleonics

The first of the Incas to come off the paint table - and the simplest colour schemes.  The slingers are obviously modelled on a plate in the Osprey book - pity about the cloaks as they were not worn in battle.  I'm now working on the chequered designs - red & white to start with.

After fielding my 20mm Egyptians against the Nubians (a fortnight ago) I found that I had insufficient Nubian Bw to serve in both armies. So, scrounging up a dozen suitable figures I can now cover that particular shortfall.

There is still a shortage in chariots (especially for generals) so yet again I rummaged through my 'plastic mountain' to find some convertables.  Looks like the basic Airfix Roman models will fit the bill.  Of course the wheels are wrong but that problem can be solved by a visit to Irregular Miniatures at the next show that I attend.  

Already awaiting my attention are 3 (x7) 'biblical' Horde.  The Hebrews plus a few 'spares' should look the part in due course.  Why do I get the feeling that I have taken on too much?

Round Up

Saturday 21st April 2018 - WDW

I wasn't there as Montezuma had other ideas.  There were two games going on - Bob's "Setting the East Ablaze" Russian Civil War game and Chris' Napoleonic effort.

Castricum 1799

"In 1799, an Anglo Russian army under the Duke of York invaded Holland, lured by tales that the country was ready to rise against the occupying French. The rising did not happen; and despite the capture of the Dutch fleet (Quite a triumph in its own right) and some battlefield success, the allied army was forced to evacuate after a set back at Castricum on 6th October; and it was this action that we chose to fight out under "Age of Eagles" rules. The map and order of battle from the Age of Eagles scenario book "Power is my Mistress" by Steve Hojnacki formed the basis of our game, with added detail from "A Waste of Blood and Treasure", by Philip Ball (Pen and Sword; recommended). Chris started the morning commanding the Russians and British, handing over the commands of Dundas and Abercromby to Paul and James when they arrived. As in the original battle, Essen's Russians forged ahead of their British allies, the Lifeguard Cossack squadron leading a gallant charge in support of Fersen's brigade, which drove the French from Bakkum, while the Russian guns flayed the French on the Russian right flank. Pressing on, the Russians threatened to take Castricum next; but Mark, as Brune, held his nerve and fed reinforcements in, holding the Russians in front, and threatening to cut in behind their flanks. This was in no small way aided by the tardiness of Dundas on the left, and Abercromby in the Dunes on the Allied right. Padget's brigade of light dragoons, a potential battle winner, failed to deliver the knockout blow expected of it. Mark stormed the Russian Heavy battery with one of Gouvion's demi-brigades, and  Essen had little option other than to fall back to avoid being cut off.  As in the real battle, our Duke of York started the game in Alkmaar, arriving in our case two thirds of the way through. At this point, James and Paul arrived,  taking over as Abercromby and Dundas respectively. Headed by the Guards brigades, the British intervened at long last and the French were halted. Both sides lost heavily, but there was no doubt this was a French victory. The allies had failed to advance further towards Amsterdam, and could not afford their losses. Evacuation would have been unavoidable. "Man of the Match" to Mark, for not losing his head, feeding in reinforcements to hold the Russian infantry, and then cutting between the Russian flanks and the tortoise like advance of the British when under Chris's command (The Court of Enquiry acquitted James and Paul; Chris has been demoted to commander of the wagon train). Unit of the match? close call between Fersen's brigade, and the Dutch dragoons, who turned the tide of battle by cutting in through the junction of Dundas's right, and Fersen's left. All in all, an enjoyable re-fight, with a few lessons for the next time we give it a go."

Thanks to Chris for this report.