Monday, 27 April 2015

Go West.....

(now who didn't think of the Village People?)

Just been west in fact - well as far as Halifax anyway.  My haul from the model shop consisted of:

Caesar - Fantasy 102 - Elves 
HaT - 8289 - Bengal Lancers
RedBox - 72067 - 17C Turkish Artillery
Imex - 535 - American Infantry
Strelets - 111 - Turkish Artillery

You can find pictures of all of these on PSR.

(1) Elves - look in the 'Features' section of PSR for Fantasy figures.  Having come across this page:

I was determined to find a few boxes of these warriors. 

(2)  Bengal Lancers - my first box has ended up being painted for the Tai Pin rebellion - these will be fighting the, later, Boxers.

(3)  17C Turkish Artillery - an alternative element for my Ottoman DBA-RRR army.  The other gun will probably end up in the hands of the Transylvanians.

(4)  American infantry for the Mexican-American war.  The floppy hats are peculiar to this period so I bought a box.  I passed on the Mexican infantry as I can easily convert some of my hillock of Napoleonics.  Incidentally the Mexican cavalry make good AWI horse.

(5)  Turkish artillery for the Russian Turkish War of 1877.  Re-painting these will add to my colonial Egyptian army.  Unfortunately there were no Turkish cavalry available - which is what I really wanted.

Altogether not a bad haul - when I will get around to painting them is another matter though!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

More Rats & Lizards

Just collected two more boxes of figures - ratmen & lizardmen.  Unfortunately that means an even bigger pile of unpainted figures for me to get around to - life is cruel!

On the DBM front the fight yesterday was between Romanian Franks and Later Crusaders.  Chris was throwing plenty of sixes and Al ones.  The dice gods handed out a crushing 10-0 defeat to the Crusaders.  I couldn't cheer too much as I was a 'crusader' sub-general. 

Pitting Kn(S) against Kn(S) is either going to be a slogging match or a slaughter.  Perhaps this is historical?

On our next Monday I will be supporting on an Impetus game - maybe that will be more interesting?  

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Normans

More figures to be repainted - Normans

3 of 9 very mixed cavalrymen - 3 more like the first (but with complete spears)

9 spearmen, 1 cornicer, 1 flagman plus 1 spearman with shield on back.
6 mailed archers so likely they should be 3 to a base and not Ps

Have done a bit of research on kite shields and looked at the TMP forum for its discussion on uniformity.  Think I will give each base of spearmen the same shield design - don't know about the horsemen though.