Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Short Note

Yes I know I missed a Thursday....and this week it's just a brief note.  Still firmly in the grips of this virus - coughing, sneezing, raging sore throat and headache.  Local knowledge says it takes at least a month to recover!

Next Monday I hope to be well enough to get to the club for some wargaming.  Meanwhile I am trying to read through the 'Field of Glory Renaissance' rules. 

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...............

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Books, Books, Books

Saturday 7th November - woke up with a head ache, runny nose and burning throat.  The first of the winter colds had struck.  I didn't feel like putting paint to figures or doing any serious wargaming so I took to the books.

Now Dr Who books are a bit of a mixed bunch as far as I'm concerned.  They are written by a multitude of different authors so variable quality and style is only to be expected.  Plot - aliens con guillible humans into playing a computer game which turns out to be for real.  Now where have I heard that before?  It features my favourite Doctor (of the modern era) plus a  believable companion.  Even so I can only give it 5 out of 10.

Monday 9th November - should have been wargaming but the dreaded lergy had a tight hold on me - now running a temperature and ridiculously high blood pressure.  Obviously some sort of virus to last this long.

Wednesday 11th November - after only 3 days I finished another book:

 Number 41 in the Disc World series - and the last.  It's a fitting end to the series with the coming of the iron railway.  Industrialization is threatening the disc so something has to give.  Primarily it is the Elves that have to come to terms with a new reality. I can't help feeling though that the author was seeing the end of his days - the end to the vaguely medieval rural landscape that the books are set it.  It left me feeling sad.

Thursday 12th November - in my search for the Aquitanians I discovered an Osprey among my pile of reference books:

It shouldn't take too long to read as it is only 40 pages of text.  One curiosity was in the middle of the book - plate C:

Described as "2: Western Slav tribesmen" it's one of those pictures where you can't help seeing two images.  Is it some sort of ulfhednar with a carrot type nose and bulbous orange eyes?  In reality the head is turned to the left with nose, beard and ear being the primary points.  Interesting!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Illegal & Defeated

Monday 2nd November - DBM - Huns versus Late Roman - once again the Hun army was declared 'illegal' so a 'friendly' game ensued. 

The dice gods did not favour our side with Andy throwing below average combat dice whereas mine were abysmal (plenty of ones).  I threw high against shooting but even my general was a pacifist at heart.  On the other side Al's dice were amazing (plenty of sixes).

The result was one broken command on our side - so a loss but not as bad as it had threatened to be.

Thursday 5th November - DBM - preparing an army for next Monday.  Settled on Carolingian in Charlemagne's reign - list 3.28.  Breaking down the army list was ok until I hit the last section entitled "Only if Aquitanian C-in-C before 779 AD or from 830 AD to 838 AD or commanded by Aquitanian ally- or sub-general." 

In the blurb at the bottom of the page are two clauses - (1) "Charlemagne cannot use more than 1 Aquitanian general..." & (2) "Frankish allies cannot be used by an Aquitanian C-in-C, and only by any other C-in-C". 

There is also a comment - "Aquitaine was not brought decisively under central control until the defeat of Hunald II in 769; it was then only briefly independent in rebellion from 830 to 838."

For the time being I will set aside this section (which has some desperately needed Lh(O) in it) as I don't know what constitutes an 'Aquitanian'.  Some research will have to be carried out!