Sunday, 15 June 2014

Paint Table Oddments

Maybe I have a strange way of painting - but it works for me.  I usually have one main project on the go plus a number of 'strays' at the tray edges.  When I have a little paint left on the brush (especially browns) a 'stray' or two get leather work done.

 Over time a group of figures gets near to completion - so I finish them off - and here are the latest oddments:

Greek hoplites (Old Minifigs) fronted by Regular peltasts (Tin Soldier).

A real mixture of 'Arabs' - on the left 4 bases of Almughavars (Minifigs)
         - on the right 4 bases of cavalry (unknown)

Current main project is 20mm 30 Years' War Germans.  

The latest version of the DBA-RRR army lists meant that I had to remove 1 x Pk and replace it with 1 x Sh (for the Imperial Catholic army).  The unwanted Pk can go towards building a German Protestant army.

At the edge of the board are 10 x Carthaginian 4h chariots (STILL) plus sundry others.                 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Parcels - part 2

You wouldn't believe how many attempts I made to take these pictures!  The riders fit badly on their mounts and the bases are not wide enough to be stable (sigh!).

 Lithuanian Tartars

Polish Lisovchiki

Yesterday's DBM scrap was between Later Muslim Indian and Anglo-Danish.  The game started late and, in spite of a Welsh flank march arriving, resulted in a draw.  

Still it was better than last week's debacle where I did everything wrong - positioning, army composition and dice-throwing.  My Medieval Portuguese went down 0-10.  Such is life! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Parcels Galore!

Saturday 7th June - two parcels arrived.

The heavier one was from with my custom MDF bases (60mm frontage).  These are destined to smarten up my Renaissance DBA-RRR figures making them easier to handle and less liable to breakages (I hope).

The lighter parcel was from Emodels:


I found an interesting article on the Lisovchiki:

Scroll down for the English translation.

As soon as the figures have completed their 'chemical treatment' and I have trimmed them up I will post pictures.