Sunday, 15 June 2014

Paint Table Oddments

Maybe I have a strange way of painting - but it works for me.  I usually have one main project on the go plus a number of 'strays' at the tray edges.  When I have a little paint left on the brush (especially browns) a 'stray' or two get leather work done.

 Over time a group of figures gets near to completion - so I finish them off - and here are the latest oddments:

Greek hoplites (Old Minifigs) fronted by Regular peltasts (Tin Soldier).

A real mixture of 'Arabs' - on the left 4 bases of Almughavars (Minifigs)
         - on the right 4 bases of cavalry (unknown)

Current main project is 20mm 30 Years' War Germans.  

The latest version of the DBA-RRR army lists meant that I had to remove 1 x Pk and replace it with 1 x Sh (for the Imperial Catholic army).  The unwanted Pk can go towards building a German Protestant army.

At the edge of the board are 10 x Carthaginian 4h chariots (STILL) plus sundry others.                 

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