Wednesday, 16 July 2014

German Protestant 30YW

I can't believe that it has been a month since I blogged - think I had better make a weekly contribution from now on.

Anyway here is the bulk of my new DBA-RRR army:

3 x Pi, 1x Dr, 1 x Art

4 x Sh, 2 x Pk

I still need to modify the Dr stand, create 1 x Cv and a general's base.  Note the thick MDF bases - makes the units much easier to handle - well worth the money.

Talking of DBA-RRR I noticed that v1.21 of the army lists contained quite a few changes so I went through my existing 10 armies only to find that I needed to make a lot of alterations.  Apart from artillery being split between CAN & GUN the number of Pk elements has been severely reduced.  Only 3 armies didn't need modification.

No DBM match on Monday so I played Saga for the first time - Vikings versus Welsh.  It was a steep learning curve with plenty of mistakes on both sides.  I had 2 figures standing at the end including my Warlord.  It was an interesting game but neither of us thought that it was particularly historically accurate.

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