Friday, 25 July 2014

ECW Cavalry & War Wagons

When did we loose control of deliveries?  How has the balance of power tipped in favour of the workmen, delivery companies et al?  I seem to have spent a lot of time this week just waiting around for people to turn up!  [OK rant over].

Three items from Hannants (can't complain about their service at all) - one repeat and two new:


 New release from Waterloo 1815 - Cromwell's Cavalry (ECW)

Only 4 poses is a bit limited - even though one of them has an alternative arm.  
The figures are on the small side but fit in well with Revell.
Let's hope that more cavalry are forthcoming!


So far I have collected:

 1 x Orion 72039 Hussite War Wagon and Command -

2 x Zxezda 8064 Zaporozhian Cossacks -

1 x Mini Art 72010 Housits / Hussites -

Included in the Mini Art box was an exploded diagram - Well Done Mini Art!
It's a great pity that Orion didn't think to do the same.

It remains to be seen which bits I take from each set to construct my Polish War Wagon.  
Watch this space.....

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