Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Figures

In the process of re-painting some figures (see last post) I also finished others:

On the left 5 x Chinese Wb(F) - Essex I believe.

On the left - "Irish Kerns" 

Don't know the manufacturer of the latter - they have oblong bases so not Essex.  According to my references Irish kerns did not have boots but went bare-legged. Some of the lesser kerns may have had bucklers but precious few.  The better off kerns had, mainly, oval shields.  So this leaves a bit of a mystery - perhaps they could be classified as Bidets but the boots are still wrong!  Any suggestions anybody?

More Irish kerns - from two different suppliers - the ones on the left are noticeably bigger.  As they are shieldless they must be intended as Ps(I).

Incidentally, there are a few Ps(S) still on the painting board.

This week I played Saga using Scots and did ok (I survived that is).  There was a DBM game going on - Wars of the Roses versus Hussites (Andy's Hussites won).  

Two weeks ago the scrap was between Early Samurai (book 3) v Tupi (book 4) with the Tupi just scraping a marginal win.  I did ask if this was a 'fantasy game' considering the geographical and temporal differences.  The reply was unprintable!

Friday, 27 March 2015


Finished the re-paints so here are a few pics:

First up - the Parthian 'bronze' option

Secondly - the Parthian 'iron' option (including general)

Lastly - the Palmyran Lh & Reg Bw

Unfortunately DBA v3 only allows a maximum of 5 x Kn(X) but the general is usable for Palmyran or even Sassanid armies.  The Lh(F) is pretty universal (I left out stripes and/or edging); the bow less so.  Still the club 'Ancients' box had no Kn(X) before this.

Next stop....the Normans.

Friday, 13 March 2015

A Bag of Goodies

Wakefield & District Wargamers have a number of club armies. They came into being by various methods including commissioning (Saga), direct purchases (Ebay et al) and donations. 

A small open box on one of the shelves sometimes receives contributions - leftovers from an army build.  Once in a while there is a more substantial contribution.  On Monday I discovered a bag of 15mm figures - all 'ancients'. 

 21 of these - looks like two issues of the same Parthian (or Palmyran) figures

The outside 2 are close enough to be painted in the same style as the 'Parthians'.  The 'general' is anybody's guess. 

4 of these - 'Parthian' archers

Just 2 of these.

This gives 8 elements: 6 x Kn(X), 1 x Bw & 1 x Lh(F).  
Not enough for a DBA army but a good start.  

Can anyone identify the manufacturer?

Here's a link to an interesting article on the Parthians:

I guess that I will end up painting this group.  

More on the Normans and the other figures later.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ratmen & Lizards

I finally got around to photographing the fantasy figures (apologies for the poor lighting - I seem to have done something to my camera settings):

Swordsrats(4), swordsrats(4), clubrats(4) & daggerrats(4)

Slingers(4), spearrats(4), bowrats(4) & bowrats(4)

Bladesrats(3), daggerrats(3) & 'the boss rat'(1)


39 figures altogether.

Clublizards (3 of each)

Swordslizards(3), Daggerlizards(3), Bowlizards(3) & Bowlizards(3)

Spearlizards(3), spearlizards(3), blowpipes(3) & 'the boss lizard'(1)

sprues(2) of each

34 figures altogether.

There are no mounted troops or artillery so some conversions will be necessary.  I have ordered another box of each.  All I have to do now is work out a HotT army list and....oh yes...paint them!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Drifting Into Fantasy

I collected two boxes of Fantasy figures yesterday:

Caesar / Miniknight Lizardmen


They are currently going through 'chemical processing' so a proper review will have to wait.  Incidentally PSR do show some 1/72nd Plastic Fantasy figures on their site but you have to search for them.  They don't review in the same way as for the historical figures.

Both are destined for HotT armies with the Lizardmen perhaps being useable in my 40k adaptation.

I considered painting the Ratmen like those in the Arx Fatalis computer game - what do you think?