Friday, 13 March 2015

A Bag of Goodies

Wakefield & District Wargamers have a number of club armies. They came into being by various methods including commissioning (Saga), direct purchases (Ebay et al) and donations. 

A small open box on one of the shelves sometimes receives contributions - leftovers from an army build.  Once in a while there is a more substantial contribution.  On Monday I discovered a bag of 15mm figures - all 'ancients'. 

 21 of these - looks like two issues of the same Parthian (or Palmyran) figures

The outside 2 are close enough to be painted in the same style as the 'Parthians'.  The 'general' is anybody's guess. 

4 of these - 'Parthian' archers

Just 2 of these.

This gives 8 elements: 6 x Kn(X), 1 x Bw & 1 x Lh(F).  
Not enough for a DBA army but a good start.  

Can anyone identify the manufacturer?

Here's a link to an interesting article on the Parthians:

I guess that I will end up painting this group.  

More on the Normans and the other figures later.

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