Sunday, 19 May 2013

Back From Triples

Back from Triples

I wonder how many other bloggers have used this title today?

It was a brilliantly sunny day so I headed for the inside of a hanger deck!  Or at least that's what the venue feels like - well not as echoing perhaps.  Still there were plenty of traders but I didn't spend too much:

24 - BAB15 Hillmen (Magister Militum) - destined for my Lydian army
2 - PIG 1 Flaming Pigs & Handlers (Bauda - carried by MM) - wanted these ever since I saw them on the
     Bauda website)
2 - packs round MDF bases (Bring & Buy) - for Renaissance & Colonial generals
1 - 360 "The Thracians" 700 bc - ad 46 (Osprey) - for research purposes

Not exactly a big haul.

Talked to a few traders including a chap who used to run Asgard Miniatures in Nottingham.  He started the shop, near the canal, in the late 70s.  I must have visited it (from nearby Derby) in 82 or 83.  He was a young man then - and so was I.

Looked in on the competitions - mainly FOG but two tables were using Impetus.  They were quite keen on talking to observers and trying to recruit them.  As I really don't like FOG or DBMM (and have recently gone off Armati) I am looking for another system.

Trouble is Impetus is yet another set of rules that 'hooks' its customers with a reasonably priced base set then piles on the agony.  So far 5  "Impetus Extra" magazines have been issued - at around £17 each.  Yes they are full of useful stuff like army lists, errata and even some scenarios but also padded out with peripheral colour photographs.  I might play a few (free) 'Basic Impetus' games just to see if I like the flavour .... and wait for Impetus v2 to come out.