Friday, 30 August 2013

Native Question - Part 3

My 'New World' project was in danger of stalling owing to a lack of suitable 20mm / 1:72 figures.  The thought of converting scores (maybe hundreds) of plastics was more than a little daunting.  Any light at the end of the tunnel was, probably, a train coming in the other direction.

Looking at my stocks of painted figures I realised that each 'native' army has a core of dedicated and distinctive figures plus an assortment of extras.  Most have a number of suit-wearers, commoners/militia and allies.

So my new approach involves painting up 'cores' for Maya and Inca armies.  In addition various conversions can be periodically added to my extras box.  It seems like a plan!

New Recruits:
The first 3 figures are bowmen - all the rest are spearmen or swordsmen.

My first attempt at blades - might add shields to some.  
I know cloaks/mantles were normally discarded in battle so a little 'artistic license' has been taken.

Nobles created from various sources including Caesar & Revell Aztecs. 
(The base at left front needs altering/revising).

On another note - just received a box of Caesar Maya and one of Incas.  While they go through chemical processing I will take a look at the various army lists to see what I need.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maya Progress

Using Caesar Maya I have completed 9 bases, with 3 more about 90% done.

 My 'army' is now 12 bases strong::
                                                    6 x nobles (spear) - Bd(S) @ 5 ap = 30
                                                    1 x middle rank (spear) - Bd(S) @ 5 ap = 5
                                                    1 x middle rank (sling) - Sh(O) @ 3 ap = 3
                                                    1 x peasant (spear) - Bd(O) @ 3 = 3
                                                    2 x peasant (sling) - Sh(O) @ 3 = 6
                                                    1 x peasant skirmishers (sling) - Sk @ 2 = 2

Even if I could use them all together (which I can't) that's only 49 ap in total.  

So where do I go from here?  The middle rankers can, obviously, be promoted (or demoted) at need and a few Aztec nobles can be co-opted.  This still leaves a big shortfall.  Looks like I'm hitting the books again and giving my bank card a pounding. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Native Question - Part 2

I have added to my 'native' bases for DBA in the New World:

back row - slingers & archers (Caesar Aztecs)
front row - slingers & atl atl (conversions)

back row - Canari/Cunti (Incas), bowmen (Arabs) & blades (Aztecs)
front row - bow, slings & more bow (all conversions)

I decided to go for 3 skirmishers or 5 warriors to a square base.  Reasoning that I am only going to use these figures for "DBA in the New World" I thought that this was the best way.

So where do all these 'extras' come from?

 Waterloo 1815 - Dervish Infantry
I noticed that some Meso-American warriors (such as the Anti) had wrap-around breechclouts. 

(1)  Atl Atl - from plastic card & rod plus drawing pin shield
 original - fig 1c (PSR)

(2) Bowman - much trimming - quiver from sprue
original - fig 2a (PSR)

(3) Bowman - treatment as above - original standard-bearer for comparison

 (4) Slinger - sling from wire & putty, shield is a drawing pin head
original - fig 1a (PSR)

Now I need some blades - looking at Libyan warriors for them.
Also started on my Maya - watch this space!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Native Question - Part 1

One of the problems with plastics is the over-supply of chiefs and not enough Indians.  Understandable from the suppliers point of view - the more attractive nobles will have greater appeal to the younger elements of our hobby.

A case in point is Aztecs (Caesar & Revell).  Nothing like enough peasants.  So where do I get enough Spanish auxilliaries from?

 Taken straight from the Caesar Aztec box

HaT Almoravid Arabs - repainted as Indian Auxilliaries

Taken from the Caesar Inca box - feathered spears are typical of Canari 
but the stripes are more Cunti or Colla.

I need at least 3 more stands of Indians for my Spanish in Mexico (or Peru) armies.  They are being worked on at the moment.  Watch this space!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Spanish Colonial

My first 20mm army for "DBA in the New World". 

5 x Shot - 1 x Lancer (knight) general - 1 gun - 8 x Half-pikes =  90 points

 Decided to put 'regular' shot and bow 4 to a base.  Makes the elements more flexible for other rules systems.  Keeping Lancers/Knights 3 to a base as well.

Still working on the 'native question' so that I can field Conquistador armies.  
 It's also dawning on me just how many Maya or Inca figures I am going to have to paint!