Friday, 16 August 2013

The Native Question - Part 2

I have added to my 'native' bases for DBA in the New World:

back row - slingers & archers (Caesar Aztecs)
front row - slingers & atl atl (conversions)

back row - Canari/Cunti (Incas), bowmen (Arabs) & blades (Aztecs)
front row - bow, slings & more bow (all conversions)

I decided to go for 3 skirmishers or 5 warriors to a square base.  Reasoning that I am only going to use these figures for "DBA in the New World" I thought that this was the best way.

So where do all these 'extras' come from?

 Waterloo 1815 - Dervish Infantry
I noticed that some Meso-American warriors (such as the Anti) had wrap-around breechclouts. 

(1)  Atl Atl - from plastic card & rod plus drawing pin shield
 original - fig 1c (PSR)

(2) Bowman - much trimming - quiver from sprue
original - fig 2a (PSR)

(3) Bowman - treatment as above - original standard-bearer for comparison

 (4) Slinger - sling from wire & putty, shield is a drawing pin head
original - fig 1a (PSR)

Now I need some blades - looking at Libyan warriors for them.
Also started on my Maya - watch this space!

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