Thursday, 27 October 2016

Romans! Romans! Romans!

Monday 24th October 2016 - WDW

On the big table - Zulus v Brits (Battles for Empire v2) - a re-run of a scenario I played at a Saturday meeting.

DBM - Patrician Roman v Later Carthaginian - the middle was pretty much a stand off.  On our right I fought against Cv, Lh & El - we finished with my command 3 off breaking and Chris 2.  On our left flank Andy had 2 allied commands - Visigoths and Arabs.  Al had a few Lh plus loads of Auxilia to oppose this attack.  As we pulled stumps the game was a draw. No doubt the steep hills that ended up on the Carthaginian side cramped their deployment - typical WRG terrain system!

Wednesday 26th October 2016 - searching in the loft.

Whilst putting back the desk fan and electric fly killer for the winter I came across two 'project' boxes.  They were 15mm Roman and Carthaginian armies.  Trouble is that little is actually painted.  The contents are mixed and largely un-labelled.  Here's a breakdown of the 'Romans' box:

Scan 1:       A                     B                          C

14 (x 4) Legionaries (old Minifigs - Marian Roman) - 8 elements painted as 'Imitation legionaries'
11 (x 4) Legionaries (old Minifigs) - Early Imperial Romans - 3 painted elements
1 (x 4) Late Roman legionaries (Tin Soldier) - painted
2 (x 4) - (A) lorica, plumed helmet, sword, square sh
4 (x 4) - (B) lorica, crested helmet, oval shield, spear - later legionaries?
4 ( x 4) - (C) mail, oval sh, spear - auxilia of some sort?
2 (x 3) Cavalry alares (old Minifigs)  - painted
2 (x 3) 'Gothic' cavalry (old Minifigs)
4 (x 2) Numidiam javelinmen (old Minifigs - for Later Carthaginian army).

A few figures in their original packets:

4 - IMP5 Equites alares (Navigator)
4 - IMP 10 Equites alares (Navigator)
8 - 150601-0032 Kappadokians (Chariot?)
1 - 150222-0040 Cheiroballistra in mule cart (Chariot?)
8 - 150039 Western archers 2
8 - 15016-0038 Western archers 1
3 - 150403-0053 Numidian command group
8 - 150037 EIR Eastern archers 2
8 - 150214-0036 EIR Eastern archers 1
9 - SPQR22 Legionary Lanciarii 4thC

I haven't got around to the unlabelled bags whose contents will have to be mostly guesswork (plus some book research).  Maybe next time!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well...not quite yet!

Monday 17th October 2016 - No WDW

Did find time (and sunlight) to photograph my 'Chinese' 4h Ch:

This is as they were fielded last Monday night.  The figures were all taken from my spares box and include not only Chinese but Malay, Vietnamese and miscellaneous barbarians.

I had planned to add removable flags and banners but after their showing on the battlefield I doubt that I will turn them out again.  Currently the riders are on my painting board to be finished and then returned to the spares box (painted side). 

The chariots themselves, plus Carthaginian crew, need to be finished off.  Maybe I will have more luck with them in their original army!

Here is  something different:

I have been playing this 'print and play' game for a week or so.  It's available for download at:

The mechanisms are quite straight-forward.  Eventually you must complete the 'Heroic Deeds' card before you have too many 'Heroic Defeats'.  In the early stages it's relatively easy to beat the game but as you go along the monsters get tougher and there are more of them.  So far I have managed 9 Deeds to 4 Defeats - the trouble is that all four defeats have come in a row since the pack got tougher.  

I shall play on regardless in the hope that the gods of olympus smile down upon me.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Another Deadline Missed

RL still getting in the way - Friday is over in the UK.

Monday 10th October 2016 - WDW

Square Bashing - two a side;  Oregan (boardgame) & DBM

DBM - Makkan v Spring & Autumn Chinese - Chris was not keen on this army and after playing with it I can see why.  We went for a flank march (that got lost somewhere in the mountains).  Our C-in-C's command pitted Wb(F) against Wb(F) and guess who came out the losers?  On the flanks our Kn(O) chariots didn't do so well either.

My main reason for fielding this army had been a desire to play with all the Chinese armies in the DBM(M) lists. Only Book 1 remained.   Having recently painted up 10 x Carthaginian 4h chariots I kitted them out with improvised crew.  They looked OK for Irr Kn(O).  I used some 'proper' Chinese chariots for generals.

Well...that's 1.32 'Spring & Autumn' done.  Two more lists remain - Shang & Early Northern Barbarian.  Neither army look like 'giant-killers' to me.

Hoped to supply photos of the chariots in 'Chinese' mode but there has been precious little sunshine around this week.  Dull and wet every day.  Maybe next week!!!

And maybe next week normal service will be resumed - don't hold your breath though!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Back to Thursday

RL is still getting in the way but at least I am trying.....

Monday 3rd October 2016 - WDW

Square Bashing 1917 (Brits v Germans); Impetus (Samurai civil war); 10 Minute Empire boardgame (Andrew won both times).

DBM - Syracusan Greeks v Achaemenid Persians.  I didn't have a lot to do on the Greek Left Wing (pseudo-Corbenites!). The centre dawdled whilst trying to decide which way to go.  On the right Al thrust forward and landed himself in the muck.  At end of play our right had fallen (a bit like Nigel Farrage and co) resulting in a 4:6 defeat.

Thursday 6th October 2016 - still trying to finish those pesky chariots.  As I have committed myself to producing a 'Spring & Autumn' Chinese army for next Monday I had better get on with it!

Took a look at my 'Carthaginian' tin (from whence the 4h chariots come).  Only about one-third of them are actually painted.  Not surprising since most haven't been in  action since 6th Edition (much like their owner).  Yet another project for me - after the Vikings of course.

Ah Well!  Another week, another (rising) dollar!