Thursday, 20 October 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well...not quite yet!

Monday 17th October 2016 - No WDW

Did find time (and sunlight) to photograph my 'Chinese' 4h Ch:

This is as they were fielded last Monday night.  The figures were all taken from my spares box and include not only Chinese but Malay, Vietnamese and miscellaneous barbarians.

I had planned to add removable flags and banners but after their showing on the battlefield I doubt that I will turn them out again.  Currently the riders are on my painting board to be finished and then returned to the spares box (painted side). 

The chariots themselves, plus Carthaginian crew, need to be finished off.  Maybe I will have more luck with them in their original army!

Here is  something different:

I have been playing this 'print and play' game for a week or so.  It's available for download at:

The mechanisms are quite straight-forward.  Eventually you must complete the 'Heroic Deeds' card before you have too many 'Heroic Defeats'.  In the early stages it's relatively easy to beat the game but as you go along the monsters get tougher and there are more of them.  So far I have managed 9 Deeds to 4 Defeats - the trouble is that all four defeats have come in a row since the pack got tougher.  

I shall play on regardless in the hope that the gods of olympus smile down upon me.

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