Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Dwarves Are Back

Monday 25th January 2016

"Game of Thrones" boardgame with 5 players.
"Square Bashing" - 1915 - French v Germans

DBMM - Han Chinese v Later Achaemenid Persians - Tim struggled to get his Persian flank march to arrive but when it finally did the day was his (but only a 'marginal' victory to celebrate).

DBM - the 'usual suspects' fighting Chinese Northern Dynasties v Later Carthaginian.  Andy and Chris faced each other on our left flank with Chris carrying out some quite impessive manoeuvring.  On the right my Lh(S) fell upon Al's outnumbered cavalry and psiloi.  In the centre my Kn(F) came out to face Al's Ax and Sp.  I lost my centre general but carried the field breaking the enemy.  A 6:4 win to us.  Another hard battle!

Thursday 28th January 2016

Still no decent light - grey and miserable - for a marginally SAD person this is not good.  Anyway.....I did what I could to photograph the Dwarves (see previous post for box).

The thicker background lines are 10mm, 20mm & 30mm in height.  Each set has 4 of these figures.

Again 4 of each of these per box.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Winter Is Upon Us

Saturday 16th January - SNOW in the evening

I couldn't go to the club so I  only have CJ's report:

"Ocana - Peninsular battle. French won, but got a mauling in the process. CJ (Spaniards) v Churm (French)." [Age of Eagles rules]

"Arras 1940. Andrew; can't remember who else;" [Andrew's rules - British & French v Germans]

"...and a big skirmish with Zombies game - I think Andy Gled organised it, and Mark; and the "new" Andy; and one other. Don't know who won either game."  [Ambush Z rules]

Thursday 21st January - no sunshine this week.

As I haven't been able to take photographs here are two from Angelfire:

For those seeking further info on the Dark Alliance / Light Alliance sets here are some references:

 Blogs with a few photos

Boxes / Suppliers:

When, and if, we ever see some of that bright yellow stuff again I will take some photos in the same style as PSR.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Floods & Fights

Sun 10th January 2016 - trip to the Calder valley. 

Looking at the aftermath of the floods the damage wasn't obvious - until I saw the old travel agents on the Mytholmroyd main road. It is a long thin building in three sections that backs onto the river.  One part had collapsed completely becoming nothing but rubble.  The other two looked ok from the front but, like "Angry of Mayfair", the rear view was quite another story.

Halifax Model shop - not much for me to buy.  All that I did purchase was:

 Light Alliance - Dwarves set 1 - AL72007 - 44 foot figures in 11 poses. 

As PSR doesn't have the Dark Alliance / Light Alliance figures in their fantasy section I will photograph my figures when the light is good enough.

Monday 11th January 2016 - DBM - Makkan v New Kingdom Egyptian.

Andy had re-jigged his Makkan army to put some Wb(F) into each command.  This time the dice gods were kinder and we started off with middle-of-the-road numbers.  Andy faced a load of Irr Bd(F) and Irr Wb(F) commanded by Chris's C-in-C.  On my (left) flank I had 5 Reg Cv(S) chariots, some Reg Bw(O), Reg Bd(O) & Various Psiloi to contend with.

The movement dice were erratic and my fighting dice appalling.  Al began to whittle down my 'central' command whilst I held off the chariots with a combination of Irr Bw(I), 3 x Ps and 2 x Cv(I).  By the time my Wb(F) could get to the enemy in any numbers Andy had broken the enemy C-in-C's command.  A 7:3 win to us.

On the other tables:

Onward to Venus (boardgame) - I really couldn't tell who was winning!  Even at the end it was only by counting up the economic tokens that a champion emerged - the game's owner!

Square Bashing #1 - Mike's Russians versus Tim's Austro-Hungarians.  It seemed to take ages to set up the game.  Perhaps the Russian high command were pro population control!

Square Bashing #2 - Churmy's French versus Ian's Germans.  I'm not certain who won that one as the battlefield seemed always to be in a state of confusion.

Saga - a 4-way battle featuring Vikings, Welsh, Strathclyde & Bretons.

I can't remember when I last saw five games going on simultaneously at the club - and on a really cold night too.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Day Late

(It's actually 02.21 on Friday 8th Jan)


Monday 4th January 2016: 


DBM - Makkan v Sea Peoples.  The first throw on our side was 1 - 1 - 1 - 3.  One of the ones was for the central allied command.  For the entire game this pacifist group did sweet FA.  So 4 enemy commands took on 3 of ours.  Our C-in-C's command eventually broke swiftly followed by one of the enemies' junior commands.  A 6:4 defeat for the Makkan.

On the other tables:

Star Wars Imperial Command (25mm skirmish/board game).  Daft Ada was killed by Luke Skywalker in the final showdown.
WW2 in the Bocage - Germans v Brits.  The Brits initially fought well against the central enemy group then a crack Panzer unit turned up on their right flank.  Ian's fate was sealed!

Well......seems that the new commander had been watching too much Allo! Allo!  A series of inept dice rolls meant Ian snatched victory from the jaws of (probable) defeat.  Now who has the painting of "the fallen madonna with the big boobies"?