Thursday, 14 January 2016

Floods & Fights

Sun 10th January 2016 - trip to the Calder valley. 

Looking at the aftermath of the floods the damage wasn't obvious - until I saw the old travel agents on the Mytholmroyd main road. It is a long thin building in three sections that backs onto the river.  One part had collapsed completely becoming nothing but rubble.  The other two looked ok from the front but, like "Angry of Mayfair", the rear view was quite another story.

Halifax Model shop - not much for me to buy.  All that I did purchase was:

 Light Alliance - Dwarves set 1 - AL72007 - 44 foot figures in 11 poses. 

As PSR doesn't have the Dark Alliance / Light Alliance figures in their fantasy section I will photograph my figures when the light is good enough.

Monday 11th January 2016 - DBM - Makkan v New Kingdom Egyptian.

Andy had re-jigged his Makkan army to put some Wb(F) into each command.  This time the dice gods were kinder and we started off with middle-of-the-road numbers.  Andy faced a load of Irr Bd(F) and Irr Wb(F) commanded by Chris's C-in-C.  On my (left) flank I had 5 Reg Cv(S) chariots, some Reg Bw(O), Reg Bd(O) & Various Psiloi to contend with.

The movement dice were erratic and my fighting dice appalling.  Al began to whittle down my 'central' command whilst I held off the chariots with a combination of Irr Bw(I), 3 x Ps and 2 x Cv(I).  By the time my Wb(F) could get to the enemy in any numbers Andy had broken the enemy C-in-C's command.  A 7:3 win to us.

On the other tables:

Onward to Venus (boardgame) - I really couldn't tell who was winning!  Even at the end it was only by counting up the economic tokens that a champion emerged - the game's owner!

Square Bashing #1 - Mike's Russians versus Tim's Austro-Hungarians.  It seemed to take ages to set up the game.  Perhaps the Russian high command were pro population control!

Square Bashing #2 - Churmy's French versus Ian's Germans.  I'm not certain who won that one as the battlefield seemed always to be in a state of confusion.

Saga - a 4-way battle featuring Vikings, Welsh, Strathclyde & Bretons.

I can't remember when I last saw five games going on simultaneously at the club - and on a really cold night too.

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