Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Day Late

(It's actually 02.21 on Friday 8th Jan)


Monday 4th January 2016: 


DBM - Makkan v Sea Peoples.  The first throw on our side was 1 - 1 - 1 - 3.  One of the ones was for the central allied command.  For the entire game this pacifist group did sweet FA.  So 4 enemy commands took on 3 of ours.  Our C-in-C's command eventually broke swiftly followed by one of the enemies' junior commands.  A 6:4 defeat for the Makkan.

On the other tables:

Star Wars Imperial Command (25mm skirmish/board game).  Daft Ada was killed by Luke Skywalker in the final showdown.
WW2 in the Bocage - Germans v Brits.  The Brits initially fought well against the central enemy group then a crack Panzer unit turned up on their right flank.  Ian's fate was sealed!

Well......seems that the new commander had been watching too much Allo! Allo!  A series of inept dice rolls meant Ian snatched victory from the jaws of (probable) defeat.  Now who has the painting of "the fallen madonna with the big boobies"?


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