Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Monday 28th December - DBM - Patrician Romans v Late Romans

I was given the left 'forlorn hope' command comprising of 8 Cv(O), 8 Ax(S), 2 Kn(F) & 2 Lh(F).  I was facing off against 1 'pip sink' command of 4 Lh(S) plus another 'real' command of Kn(F), Lh(S) and a few Kn(X).  I was reminded of Corporal Jones.

My C-in-C was trying to battle his way through opposition Wb, Bw & Camels.  At the end of the day it was a draw (5:5).

On the only other table:   Square Bashing with Churmy's French versus Ian's Austro-Hungarians.  All went well for the French at the start but in the last two bounds the AH gas barrage had a devastating effect.  The fact that the AH figures were 12mm and the French 10mm had nothing to do with it!

Tuesday 29th December - actually got some painting done (for the second day running). 

As usual it's a mixed bag of a certain DBA variant (that I have been asked not to mention in polite company); 15mm camp elements; plus some War of the Roses horse.  The last includes 2 elements of Currours that I am re-painting as Welsh uchelwyr.

No....I am not going to build a Welsh army but am considering a Welsh ally.  Wars of the Roses armies are usually quite small because of the number of expensive troops involved - Reg Bw(S), Reg Bd(O) and....worst of all...compulsory Reg Kn(I).

As I already have around 13 elements of Irr Bw(O) I have the core of an allied contingent. Hopefully by Vapnartak I would have worked out what else I might require!

Thursday 31st December - the end of a rough year 'health-wise' and 'weather-wise'. 

Since my decision to blog every Thursday I have only missed one posting (in spite of the date often showing Wednesday).  Hopefully I will keep this up.  Any comments are gratefully received.

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