Thursday, 10 December 2015

Yes...It's Thursday!

Saturday 5th December - Recon 2015 - Awful weather - wind & rain.  Train fine going, delays coming back.  Numbers down, nothing much to buy.

What I did buy, however, were two additions to my growing stock of (unpainted) fantasy figures:

Caesar - Fantasy 103 - Undead

 Caesar - Fantasy 106 - Orc Warriors

For more details see:

The next question is - which HotT armies can I make?  One of the WDW squad (Jim) has an Undead army which loses on a regular basis and the club stock can provide another.  First impressions are that the Caesar boxes don't provide enough variety - its mainly the PBI..

So I can make:     1 x shooters @ 2 ap = 2
                             3 x hordes @ 1 ap = 3
                             2 x blades @ 2 ap = 4
                             1 x magician general @ 4 ap
                             2 x sneakers @ 2 ap = 4
                           ---                               ----
                            9                                 17

A shortage of 7 ap then - seems like a visit to some of the cheapo shops in Pontefract is called for!

                   2 x shooters @ 2 ap = 4
                   3 x blades @ 2 ap = 6
                   1 x magician general @ 4 ap = 4
                   4 x warband @ 2 ap = 12
                  ---                                    ----
                   11                                   24

A full army with a few 'spares' - plus I can draft in some goblins as horde.  Well.....after a few acquisitions I will think about painting these new recruits.

Monday 7th December - DBM - Muslim Indian v Feudal English.  I was on the left with a tiny light horse command.  In the middle was a mixed (joint) command of 20 x Irr Bw(I), 2 x Art(S), 5 x Lh(S) & 3 x El(O).  Luckily for me my opponent was set up in a refused position with half irregular troops.  The dice gods were also unkind as their movement was sluggish.  By the end of the game I was about to be swamped by enemy Sp(O) & Bw(O).

Our C-in-C (Andy) faced off against the dastardly Knights(O) plus supporting Bw(O).  He had Lh(S), Mtd Bd(F) and 4 x Kn(F).  Ably assisted by my 4 elephants the enemy left flank was broken.  Not long after that the enemy centre fell.  A hard game and one where I had to keep my nerve.

On the other tables:  Mars Attacks (2 games played)
                                 Square Bashing - Austro-Hungarians v French (again)
                                 Hordes of the Things - scratch armies from club stock

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