Thursday, 21 January 2016

Winter Is Upon Us

Saturday 16th January - SNOW in the evening

I couldn't go to the club so I  only have CJ's report:

"Ocana - Peninsular battle. French won, but got a mauling in the process. CJ (Spaniards) v Churm (French)." [Age of Eagles rules]

"Arras 1940. Andrew; can't remember who else;" [Andrew's rules - British & French v Germans]

"...and a big skirmish with Zombies game - I think Andy Gled organised it, and Mark; and the "new" Andy; and one other. Don't know who won either game."  [Ambush Z rules]

Thursday 21st January - no sunshine this week.

As I haven't been able to take photographs here are two from Angelfire:

For those seeking further info on the Dark Alliance / Light Alliance sets here are some references:

 Blogs with a few photos

Boxes / Suppliers:

When, and if, we ever see some of that bright yellow stuff again I will take some photos in the same style as PSR.

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