Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Figures

In the process of re-painting some figures (see last post) I also finished others:

On the left 5 x Chinese Wb(F) - Essex I believe.

On the left - "Irish Kerns" 

Don't know the manufacturer of the latter - they have oblong bases so not Essex.  According to my references Irish kerns did not have boots but went bare-legged. Some of the lesser kerns may have had bucklers but precious few.  The better off kerns had, mainly, oval shields.  So this leaves a bit of a mystery - perhaps they could be classified as Bidets but the boots are still wrong!  Any suggestions anybody?

More Irish kerns - from two different suppliers - the ones on the left are noticeably bigger.  As they are shieldless they must be intended as Ps(I).

Incidentally, there are a few Ps(S) still on the painting board.

This week I played Saga using Scots and did ok (I survived that is).  There was a DBM game going on - Wars of the Roses versus Hussites (Andy's Hussites won).  

Two weeks ago the scrap was between Early Samurai (book 3) v Tupi (book 4) with the Tupi just scraping a marginal win.  I did ask if this was a 'fantasy game' considering the geographical and temporal differences.  The reply was unprintable!

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