Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ratmen & Lizards

I finally got around to photographing the fantasy figures (apologies for the poor lighting - I seem to have done something to my camera settings):

Swordsrats(4), swordsrats(4), clubrats(4) & daggerrats(4)

Slingers(4), spearrats(4), bowrats(4) & bowrats(4)

Bladesrats(3), daggerrats(3) & 'the boss rat'(1)


39 figures altogether.

Clublizards (3 of each)

Swordslizards(3), Daggerlizards(3), Bowlizards(3) & Bowlizards(3)

Spearlizards(3), spearlizards(3), blowpipes(3) & 'the boss lizard'(1)

sprues(2) of each

34 figures altogether.

There are no mounted troops or artillery so some conversions will be necessary.  I have ordered another box of each.  All I have to do now is work out a HotT army list and....oh yes...paint them!!!

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