Thursday, 17 July 2014


According to DBA-RRR my dragoons should be..."mounted on a 40x40mm base with 3 shooters and one figure holding horses, or mounted on horseback in the rear."

Well...setting aside that I use 20mm figures (not 15mm as per the rules) I had previously just put 3 shooters on a standard base.  This meant that they were not obviously distinguishable from other foot troops.

Looking around my spares trays I found some old Airfix Napoleonics:

On the left - Revell artilleryman (I seem to have a lot of spares).
On the right - Airfix Napoleonic Cuirassier & horse

After the 'chop-job' these bits went back to the spares box.  The horse with arm attached - plus armless artilleryman were brought together.

A bit of arm bending, some filler and a paint job later 3 of the 4 new dragoon units.  Now the trouble is...when you photograph your figures you see the faults that ordinary sight doesn't.  The one on the right needs more filler as the arm and shoulder have slightly parted company....Ho hum!

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