Thursday, 5 November 2015

Illegal & Defeated

Monday 2nd November - DBM - Huns versus Late Roman - once again the Hun army was declared 'illegal' so a 'friendly' game ensued. 

The dice gods did not favour our side with Andy throwing below average combat dice whereas mine were abysmal (plenty of ones).  I threw high against shooting but even my general was a pacifist at heart.  On the other side Al's dice were amazing (plenty of sixes).

The result was one broken command on our side - so a loss but not as bad as it had threatened to be.

Thursday 5th November - DBM - preparing an army for next Monday.  Settled on Carolingian in Charlemagne's reign - list 3.28.  Breaking down the army list was ok until I hit the last section entitled "Only if Aquitanian C-in-C before 779 AD or from 830 AD to 838 AD or commanded by Aquitanian ally- or sub-general." 

In the blurb at the bottom of the page are two clauses - (1) "Charlemagne cannot use more than 1 Aquitanian general..." & (2) "Frankish allies cannot be used by an Aquitanian C-in-C, and only by any other C-in-C". 

There is also a comment - "Aquitaine was not brought decisively under central control until the defeat of Hunald II in 769; it was then only briefly independent in rebellion from 830 to 838."

For the time being I will set aside this section (which has some desperately needed Lh(O) in it) as I don't know what constitutes an 'Aquitanian'.  Some research will have to be carried out!

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