Thursday, 29 October 2015

Victorian Steel

Sunday 25th October - Fiasco @ Leeds - helping out with a participation game (Napoleonic).  Bought some MDF bases and a new set of rules:

These (left) seem straight-forward and fun....and at only £5 it wasn't a big investment.  Hopefully I will get a chance to try them out!!!

Fiasco was lively at the start but soon trailed off after lunch.  Too many empty tables where demo or traders had failed to turn up.  Perhaps the nightmare of finding somewhere to park put them off!  I spent 20-25 mins touring around and eventually parked 2/3 of a mile away.  Of course I could have used the Armouries car park at Rip Off prices.

Monday 26th October - DBM - Arabo-Aramaean versus Maccabaean Jewish.  Another close run thing with few casualties.  Al's centre command was within 2 elements of defeat but the other command was untouched.  Jim (guest general) lost one element right at the end (as did I).  The only consolation was that Al was getting most of the lousy movement dice and not me.

On the other tables - "Hammer of the Scots" boardgame with Andrew & Ian - WW2 scrap between Germans and Russians with 6 playing.

Tuesday 27th October - after being shaken out of bed by hammering and drilling coming from next door I found myself shut in my bedroom with the radio on and a paintbrush in hand.  My new DBA-RRR army is taking shape - only 2 naked horses left - everything else has some degree of covering.  Hopefully the first of them can be photographed soon (today would have been impossible anyway - thick fog in the morning only thinning a bit after 1400 hrs).

Thursday 29th October - 2 bases/elements of my new DBA-RRR army ready to be photographed.  As miserable grey weather prevails the camera stays snug and warm in its case.

Have managed to find my De Bello book "Le Guerre Colonali Italiiane 1885/1900" so 'Victorian Steel' may get an outing soon.  It's now just a question of finding those colonial soldiers........................

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