Thursday, 8 October 2015

Another Close Run Thing

Monday - DBM - Jurchen Chin v Early Crusader.

The JC presented a solid centre of Bw, Reg Bd(F) and Art(S).  The flanks were mostly Lh(S) with some supporting Kn(F) on the right.  I managed to keep my Lh under control and (just) out of trouble.  The centre pivoted but didn't do much else.  Chris had the main scrap opposite Andy with both commands taking hits.

The EC central command  sat on, and behind, a steep hill.  Everything else was formed up on their left flank.   AL tried to get his Bw over the hill to support his Kn(F) but it was a slow business.

So while the 'plodders' messed about in the centre a fierce fight ensued between Chris and Andy.  At close of play our C-in-C's command was one off breaking and so was Andy's.  Had we continued it would have been a 6:4 win to the opposition.  As it was the score was yet another 5:5 draw (like round one).

Next Monday I have to choose the army so I'm going to take a force that will either win spectacularly or blow away with the first puff of wind.  I care not which way it goes - I'm fed up with 5:5 / 6:4 / 5:5 results.

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