Thursday, 29 December 2016

Another Year Over....

Still trying to photograph the fantasy figures - only 2 successful pics:

4 of the horses for Cimmerian mounted - 2 of each (one to come)

1 x cavalry figure plus 1 x foot figure (could be transferred to the infantry)

I think that I will have to temporarily fix the cavalrymen to suitable disks with blu-tak in order to get some decent contrast.

The bigger problem is the Orcs - the ghastly plastic colour:

I guess that I will have to undercoat in light grey or white so that the detail can be seen!  
Any experienced digital photographers out there who can offer advice?

Anyway even though I don't celebrate xmas I can still wish all my readers/viewers:



  1. The 1st two pics are ok..the 3rd one, No light from behind?
    Mine pics, I set the camera (it´s a cheap one) on
    White light to the cloudy Setting ,
    ISO on Auto,
    Quality super fine
    size 1m (1024x768)
    EV (exposure value) on a minus Setting, generaly minus 1.
    Then set up the subject with Natural light from behind (no bright sunshine) and set the macro to the ist Level.
    Centre the subject with space around it on the Frame..take the pic and zoom the result.

    1. Not that confident in using my camera but will try out your suggestions when I get the chance. Tried back-lighting the Orcs but the figures seem to absorb light - must be a demon around!!!