Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Approach to Xmas

[It's Thursday 01.58 hrs GMT]

Saturday 17th December - WDW

Russian Civil War ("Setting the East Ablaze")
English Civil War ("Baroque Impetus")

Needless to say I was not there but here's a piccy for you:

Bob's RCW terrain, buildings and fgures.

Monday 19th December - WDW

Austro-Hungarians v Russians 1914/15 ("Square Bashing")
DBM - Lysimachid v Pre-Islamic Arab - I commanded the right flank with all the pikes (24) whilst Al faced off against 20 Cm(O).  Inevitably the camels got the better of the fight.  Chris and I lost only 2 elements each.

I managed to survive 3 hours of play but fell asleep as soon as I got home.

Well no WDW until the new year.

Have read through about half of the "Triumph" rules so hopefully some thoughts next week.

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