Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Bit More Progress

Well here we are one week after my last post - with a bit more progress on the Renaissance front:

Two elements for my Cossack army - the pikemen have been modified to turn them into 'drilled cossacks'
                                                       - the skirmishers are new

6 elements for my new Polish army - 2 x Regular Sh, 2 x Irreg Sh, 1 x Gun (it should be smaller) and 1 x 'Polish cossacks'.   

On the DBM front Monday's game was Andy's Tamil Indian versus Al's Later Crusader.  I seconded Andy and was in charge of the main attack in the centre.  Now the last time I was put in charge of a mass of Wb(F) it wasn't long before they disintegrated.  This first impact out of 7 dice I threw 5 sixes.  I killed 10 elements in one round (Andy killed 2 more).  The game was decided by 8.30 pm.  I think that I have used up all my luck for at least a year!

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