Thursday, 7 July 2016

Just a Trickle

Saturday 2nd July 2016 - finished another book.

"Eight Banners and Green Flag" (see Thursday 26th May for cover) by Michael Fredholm von Essen - Pub: The Pike and Shot Society  ISBN 978-1-902768-33-5

Subtitled "The Army of the Manchu Empire and Qing China, 1600-1850", it covers not only 250 years but also areas held by the Chinese (Ming & Qing), Mongols & Tibetans.  A pretty comprehensive book and well worth the £10.  I wanted more information on the Qing's enemies but I guess that you can't have everything. 

If you see the Pike & Shot stall at any show, and have any interest in Chinese affairs of this period, then go and buy it.

Monday 4th July 2016 - WDW

DBM - Nikephorian Byzantine v Communal Italian - off to a slow start (1-1-2-2) but luckily the ally was paying attention.  The game never really speeded up.  My (left) command was fighting against two others - one half creamed the enemy knights - the other half went down in droves.  Meanwhile the Georgian allies not only failed to break the opposition - they lost heavily.  The Byzantines may live to fight another day but will have to do some substantial recruiting.

On the only other table - Andrew & Jim played a WW2 tank fight with home-grown rules.  I got the impression that more work needs to be done to improve playability!

Very sparse attendance and no football excuse either.

Wednesday 6th July 2016 - recovering from my calling session at Barkstone Ash I finished off three more elements:

Left back - later Spanish Bd command - Left front - sword & buckler men (Bd)
Right - early Spanish Bd command

The blue and white flag looked ok from a distance but doesn't bear close inspection.  I will re-paint it in due course.  All these are for my DBA-RRR armies of course.

Some of my readers / viewers might be suffering a bit of deja vu.  With the acquisition of more Conquistadores I have been able to swap some figures around and substitute where appropriate.  This means more consistency regarding helmet / hat   types etc so that I can differentiate between Portuguese, Spanish and English forces.

Have been adding steel to my khaki and brown (WW1) hordes.  Wish I could paint as fast as Tamsin ('Wargaming Girl').

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