Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Fortunes of War

[It's 00.16 GMT on Thursday 14th July 2016]

Sunday 10th July 2016 - a few more figures done:

back left - Colonial Portuguese - Kn(g)     
back right - Transylvanian - Cv(g) - note 'Dracula's false teeth'
front left - Jinetes - Lh (Colonial Portuguese)
front right - War Dogs - 4WB (Spanish Colonial)

back left - English Colonist horsemen - Cv
back right - Pi (unknown)
front left - Moloitsy - Sh (Cossacks)
front right - Sh (unknown)

Well that's almost all my planned DBA-RRR revisions / additions done.  The only army left is 'English Colonial 1637-1700' which still needs 1 x Drg; 1 x Light Gun plus 2 x Sk.

The two 'unknown' elements were sitting on my board - they may end up in a Dutch Colonial army (book 3) at some future date.  Now it's back to the East Africans.

Just finished another Dr Who book:

A reasonable yarn with some weird aliens set in the not too distant future.  6 out of 10 maybe!

Monday 11th July 2016 - DBM Abbasid Arabs v Tuareg - an ignominious defeat with two of our four generals being killed.  Movement dice were OK but shooting and melee were just awful - we were six-oned mercilessly. 

On the other table was a five person boardgame of "1812".  The Canadians, Indians & Brits fought off the American invaders.  I started off playing this game before the DBMers arrived - I wish that I had stayed there.

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