Thursday, 21 July 2016

Not A Lot

Saturday 16th July - should have been going to WDW Napoleonic bash.

 Thanks to my kind and considerate neighbour I was instead obliged to clear rubbish out of my back garden.  Seems that there is now a draconian new law (2014) that allows people whose sensitivities have been disturbed (when looking out of an upstairs window) to report miscreants to the council.  These criminals can then be obliged to carry out remedial work within 14 days else they will be served with an ASBO (and face fines and/or imprisonment).

Sunday 17th July - still working on my garden and making trips to the 'local' tip.

Some panels now drying out within view of the 'sensitive neighbour'.  Will have to wait for the Environmental Officer to carry out an inspection (who by the merest coincidence happens to have the same surname as my neighbour).

Monday 18th July 2016 - no WDW meeting today (and no Swillington FDC either) so I made a second visit to Wakefield Warriors.

Didn't play this time but watched a game of "Kings of War" - Elves versus Undead.  The Elves looked impressive but were ground down by waves of Undead.

Future Plans - to get on with my East Africans.  More details to do than expected.  Don't have long until they will be in use.  The bases, however, can be left as they are - the MDF colour is similar to soils found in modern Tanganyika.

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