Thursday, 30 June 2016

Another Fine Mess

No, I'm not referring to Brexit (at least Boris is no longer a PM contender).  It's just that Real Life gets in the way sometimes.  So much so that when I looked into my "This Week" folder today it was empty.

The paucity of wargaming activity is as a result of finding a large envelope among the stuff I had to hurriedly move when my kitchen was flooded.  It was a collection of old tapes that needed transferring to CD - and the deadline was Saturday 2nd July - EEK!!!!

Still here's what I did manage to do this week:

Monday 27th June 2016 - down at the club.

Al and I fought a DBM game of Viking Leidang v Carolingian Franks.   The wargame was tight with the Vikings loosing their central command at the last moment.  One of my commands was close to breaking as well.

 Only two of us playing as Chris and Andy were watching England get (deservedly) thrashed by Iceland.  How did Matt Baker describe them???

Two games of 'Square Bashing' were going on - Russians v Turks and French v Germans.   I'm still interested in this set of rules but nobody produces Boxers in 10mm at the moment.

Medieval FUBAR using the club's SAGA figures.  Seems that Saga itself has fallen out of favour whereas Fubar & Lion Rampant are in the ascendant!

Talked to Mike about 'Irregular Wars' again and showed him my recent acquisitions.  Like me he has a fair number of Aztecs (or similar) but wants to base the bulk of them up for Baroque Impetus.  The leftovers can be used for IW.

Figuring out what I need for the Conquistadors list is not quite as straightforward as it should be - there is the matter of classification.  More on that later - when I have the time.

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