Thursday, 2 June 2016

It's The Second Mouse That Gets The Cheese

Friday 27th May 2016 - finished another book:

"The First Colonial Soldiers" - part 2b - the Southern Colonies and the West Indies.
Pub: Wienand Drenth & Jonathan Riley 2015   ISBN 978-90-818887-3-8

Another treasure trove for those interested in the early colonial era and for players of "Musket & Tomahawk".  Starting in Maryland and working its way south the book's coverage ends at the short lived Scottish colony of New Caledonia (approx Panama). 

Don't be put off by the long lists of officers - useful for scenario setters and local colour.  The footnotes are also copious reflecting the characters of the time. 

Altogether a very interesting read (like parts 1 & 2a).  As I recall it was £40 for all three volumes - and well worth it.

Monday 30th May 2016 - not available for wargaming today - guess I will find out what happened next Monday!

Found some more Partizan pics:          
 [Thursday, May 26, 2016]

Tuesday 31st May 2016 - finished another book:

"The American War 1812-14" by Philip R N Katcher Pub: Osprey  [for cover see a previous post]

Well it didn't take long to read the book.  No doubt it is out of date and better information is now available on-line!  For those who complain about modern Ospreys ("there's nothing to them", etc) then the old days (1974) were no better.  As a brief introduction to the war it's OK.  If I ever get around to taking up this period of American history (watch for flying pigs) I will do further research.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 

Going back through my posts I noticed a comment about the 1st June 2015 - only 9 degrees at 1700 hrs.  At 14.44 hrs today it is dull and overcast, 10 degrees with a light wind.  Annoyingly the weather reports keep telling me how good it is in the west of the country - 22-23 degrees and sunny.  Such is Life!

Footnote:  the title is a line from a poem by Les Barker "The Verb To Be." 

Postscript:  Just found a suitable scenario for my East Africa game - more later.


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