Thursday, 23 June 2016

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Monday 20th June 2016

No Wakefield & District Wargamers meeting today Swillington either.  So what did I do?  I went off to find the Wakefield Warriors at their new venue.  Now meeting at Westgate Common WMC on Park Grove Road (WF2 8TW) I found them welcoming (as I had two years ago at 'The Snooty Fox'). 

This bunch plays boardgames, FRP and wargames (at the fantasy end of the spectrum).  I was offered the chance to play "Kings of War" being tutored along the way.  Simple mechanisms involving the 'bucket of dice' approach.  Quite a few subtleties in game play which I have yet to commit to memory.  Still I managed to win with my Orcs versus his Goblins. I like the system and might even buy a copy.   Fun and beginners luck! 

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Finished a couple more DBA-RRR elements:

                                2 x English Colonial Generals

As it's another busy week for me - calling Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - it's unlikely that I will get any more painting done for a while.

At some time in the past I discussed with club member Mike the possibility of running a Renaissance colonial game in 15mm.  The problem was that both of us had large numbers of Aztec type figures but little in the way of European opposition.  With the acquisition of the Conquistadores on Saturday there may be a possible resolution.

Accordingly I dug out my copy of "Irregular Wars - Conflict at World's End" to look at the army lists.  Assuming the use of standard 40mm x 40 mm DBM/DBR bases the 'Conquistador' army requires:

Compulsory - 2 x Mtd Conquistadors (6 riders & 6 horses)
                       2 x Rodeleros sword & buckler men (6 foot)

Optional -   1 x Rodeleros sword & buckler men (3 foot)
                   1 x (Regular) Pike (8 foot)*
                   1 x Shot (3 foot)
                   1 x Crossbowmen (3 foot)

                  1 x Priest (1-3 foot)
                  1 x War-dogs (3-5 dogs)
                  1 x Field gun (1 gun plus 2-3 crew)
                  2-8 x Indian mercenaries - missiles (6-24 foot)
                  2-10 x Indian archers (6-30 foot)
                  1-6 x Indian porters (3-18 foot)

* I feel that such a close-order would be appropriate for the 'regular pikemen' but not for the 'half-pikes' who fought in a looser formation.
I can cover the Compulsory and the first four optional troops from my newbies.  Indian mercenaries, Priests and Porters I will have to search for.  The field gun and war dogs I could order from the new owner of Naismith & Roundway figures - 

The dedicated Naismith sword & buckler men are codes CQ14 - Standing; CQ15 - Attacking.  I could use a mixture of CQ01 - Conquistador Officer; CQ02 - Gentlemen Adventurer with Sword; CQ03 - Conquistador with Sword Charging & CQ04 - Conquistador with Sword At Ready.

Next is to look again at my Mesoamericans.  As I recall they are a mixture of sizes - Naismith (smallest) to Tin Soldier (largest).  Perhaps I'm allowed to be 'size-ist' on this occasion?

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