Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bits 'N' Pieces

 (It's 02.32 GMT on Thursday 16th June)

Monday 13th June 2016 

DBM Western Sudanese v Early Welsh - held onto the left flank (just) while my C-in-C broke the enemy centre.  No bows to contend with but masses of Wb(F) plus some Cv(O).  Our expensive Cm(S) ended up fighting some lowly Ps(I).

Other tables - Square Bashing (Germans v French); Empires of the Middle Ages (boardgame).

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - still painting the WW1 East African figures - sigh! 

En passant I finished a few DBA-RRR elements:

Left to Right: Moldavian (Pi); Ottoman Turk Qullar (Cv); Spanish (Kn/Ln)
This completes the first two (revised) DBA-RRR armies.

Front Left - Spanish (early) command (Bd);  Front Right - Spanish (later) command (Bd)
Back Left - Portuguese Xbow (Bw);  Back Right - Transylvanian Musketeers (Sk)

The musketeers, plus one other element, can transform the Moldavian into a Transylvanian army.

Getting the Spanish, Portuguese and English armies into order is proving more difficult.  Still I do have 13 armies organised already with 13 elements each (including 2 generals).

Hopefully I will be going to Phalanx on Saturday - need some square MDF bases and might be persuaded to buy some more Vikings! As I'm taking the train I will not be taking my camera.

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