Sunday, 19 June 2016

Phalanx 2016 - Let the Train Take the Strain

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Saturday 18th June 2016 - Phalanx @ St.Helens

So off I went on my 2.5 hour jaunt over the Pennines.  It didn't start well - at 09.09 the train turned up at Fitzwilliam to get me to Leeds.  1 minute late - not bad - only it was supposed to be the 08.46.  This didn't bode well but apart from having to stand to Wakefield  I managed to make the first connection.  Surprisingly Manchester Piccadilly & Newton-le-Willows changes also worked out.

The show was easy to find - walking distance from the station.  The bugbear - nowhere to get any cash.  Why don't these Leisure Centres have cash points?  After a 15 minute walk each way to a shopping centre I had my cash and could go to the 'Bring & Buy' (which was excellent).  I didn't buy a lot in the main hall - very little in 15mm.  Some of the games were interesting but not as good as Partizan.  The hall was also rather hot and stuffy.

Here's my loot:

1 box of Airfix 'Robin Hood' (B & B) - £2 - destined for the 'general box' 

1 box of Imex Sioux Indians  (B & B) - £3 - for conversion into various 'natives'

1 cardboard box labelled "24 packs - Conquistador Army"  Inside were 25 packs (I complained bitterly - NOT) of Naismith Design figures for £10. The next time I hand over my 'spare change' to the Cat Protection League I will add £2.

Also - 4 packs of 60 x 60 MDF bases (for my East African project).

The journey home involved 3 changes - Manchester Victoria, Stalybridge & Leeds.  The Pennine Express was 5 minutes late into Leeds but as I had 12 minutes for the changeover it was no problem.  The only gripe I had was when a bunch of charming lads boarded the Manchester bound train - they were very loud-mouthed and foul-mouthed - F-ing and B-ing relentlessly.  From Stalybridge a quartet of older gentlemen also had a somewhat limited vocabulary.

So would I go to Phalanx again?  I think not.  Train advertising doesn't mention the crass passengers you meet or the bawling babies.  2.5 hours is too long to endure for a moderate show.

Here's some links for pictures:

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