Thursday, 9 June 2016

Khaki is the New Black

Monday 6th June 2016

DBM medieval game with King John versus King Richard (I think!).  I took the left flank while Chris attacked in the centre and on the right.  My knights (and 2 cavalry) were facing off against a large group of Lh(S).   Well it looked like a hiding to nothing but the dice gods were on my side for a change.  Movement was good and the two cavalrymen fought heroically (before they went down).  With one enemy command broken we pulled stumps.  A 7:3 win!!!

On the other tables:
      Impetus Medievals (English v Burgundians);
      Square Bashing (French v Germans) plus a
      WW1 High Seas boardgame from Strategy & Tactics.

Otherwise............................I have been far too busy with calling to do anything but snatch odd times to work on my WW1 East African troops.  Slapping on khaki (uniforms & hats) and brown (boots) felt more like undercoating.  A bit of flesh has also gone on (African, Indian & European).  It's the equipment that's going to take the time.

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