Thursday, 26 May 2016

Books & Partizan

Sunday 22nd May 2016 - Partizan @ Newark

Held in an 'aircraft-hanger' type building - high humidity, much noise, good light.  No cash facilities on site.  Very few 15mm figures around.  I should have taken my camera - some of the demo games were notable - Witch Racing (Terry Pratchett characters) - Clothes Pegs armies that looked both retro and spectacular - Very British Civil War.

Also met up with several of my fellow bloggers including the semi-legendary Tamsin.  Still didn't ask her about 'Junglegrave'.  Damn!

My only purchases were two books:

Published by the Pike and Shot Society in 2009 - £10 (courtesy of a loan from John Smith).  I had looked at this tome at another show and then 'hummed and harred' about it.  This time I took the plunge.

Published 1974 (hardback) for £1.95 - I bought it for £3.  Been interested in this war for some time - and it would use up some of the mountain of half-painted Airfix Napoleonics.

It took me 1 hour and 5 mins to travel the 50 miles to get to Newark.  Turning off the A1 was easy enough but the three lane roundabout that you are pushed into was a nightmare. So would I go again?  Well......maybe if they have a few more 15mm figures for sale!

Pics at:    (Sunday 22 May 2016)

Wednesday 25th May 2016 - Still waiting for summer.

Dull and rainy all day - 9 degrees in the evening,  Managed to get some painting done - various bits for my Renaissance armies.  

Must get around to splashing some paint on the new WW1 British (Tropical) figures for the upcoming 18th June scrap.  Probably use "I Wish I Was in France".  Would help if I worked out a scenario as well.

Almost finished another book - third in the series - "The First Colonial Soldiers".  Review in due course!

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