Thursday, 19 May 2016

Knights & Days

Sunday 15th May 2016 - Halifax shop purchases:

1 x Waterloo 1815 - AP035 - Roger's Rangers -
I already have some of these - they could end up as dedicated French-Indian wars troops; be added to militia units of the American Revolution or be utilised as 'woodswise troops' for a (Renaissance) colonial army?

 1 x Dark Dream - DDS72005 - European Knights -

 The back of the box

The figures look more orange against the black background. Neither this nor the PSR shots do credit to the hideous pink they are extruded in (be thankful).

The obvious destination for these is for my proposed (DBA-RRR) Spanish  army of the Dutch Rebellion period.  I am also minded to replace the French 30YW Knights....then again some would make splendid generals!  With only 12 figures I will have to prioritise (or wait until I get some more).

Monday 16th May 2016 - WDW

DBM scrap between Sea Peoples and Makkan.  Pitting Bd(F) against Wb(F) means that you have to break through at initial contact.  After that the Wb numbers will tell.  What do you think happened?   Well at least it's a fair distribution - I have lost heavily with all three partners in turn.

On the other tables - Medieval Fubar between Sub-Roman British and some Arabs. 
                                  Impetus 100 Years' War fight

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Finally got a bit more painting done - nothing completed yet though.  Started on the Spanish mastiffs so that I can, eventually, field a Warband unit in my Colonial Spanish army. 

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